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What You Need To Do With Your Life Based On Your Zodiac


Figuring out what the heck to do with our lives is probably one of the greatest challenges any of us will ever face. It’s pretty rare to find someone who is 100% happy with how things are going, because – unfortunately for us – our life isn’t a movie with a clear beginning, middle, and end (and there’s no soundtrack to score some of our more memorable moments, either). So, we end up doing the best we can, or we end up doing what we have to in order to get by, even if what we’ve chosen isn’t the greatest.

Well, stress no more, because we’re about to tell you exactly what to do with your life based on your zodiac sign! Life is a complex maze that never stops throwing curveballs at you, so sometimes you’ve gotta dodge them and other times you have to knock them out of the park. Look to your zodiac sign and discover what will have you feeling fulfilled, because if you can’t make sense of earth, at least we’ve got the stars to help us out.

Aries: Own your success

As an Aries, you’re a natural leader who usually gravitates towards roles that let you indulge your penchant for taking the driver’s seat. Think: CEO, entrepreneur, and PR pro. That domineering attitude means you’re never the assistant, and always the boss. Your thirst for competition drives you, but sometimes you get so caught up in the journey that you never fully enjoy the destination. And you worked so hard to get there! With you, you always see the grass as greener elsewhere, and so getting to the top isn’t enough for you – you feel the need to push yourself even further. To avoid becoming a workaholic, you need to own your success and enjoy it! Celebrate your accomplishments and reap the benefits of your hard work instead of simply using them as an excuse to shut people out. For your life, sanity, and future, you need to enjoy how far you’ve come and be proud of everything you’ve worked for.

Taurus: Choose stability

Tauruses are homebodies who love their creature comforts, but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be lazy. So, instead of letting some golden opportunities pass you by, because – unlike the Aries – you prefer to be more of a team player than stand out, you need to snag them while you can, in order to get some of the stability that you crave. That isn’t to say you need to make safe choices and end up with a boring life, but you do need to learn what is worth fighting for and when to let your stubborn nature ease up. In terms of relationships, family, and career, you should choose what makes you happy and what’ll be around for the long haul. A sexy fling might seem like a good idea, but your loyal nature means you’ll only end up heartbroken in the end. Instead, look for what makes your soul smile, because that’s what’ll keep you feeling fulfilled.

Gemini: Discover something

As the sign of the twins, the Gemini thrives in evolving environments that are constantly challenging and exciting them. Anything else is too boring for you! Curiosity is one of your strongest traits, and you love to be the person to bring back something new to your group. Whether it be a hot new food trend or a killer band that you happened to catch on one of your many travels, a Gemini like you is happiest when you’re discovering something amazing. Plus, once you’ve found something incredible, you’re able to talk about it and promote it to anyone who’s listening, since you love to talk! Indulging your social nature and your curiosity is the key to your happiness, which is why you might gravitate more towards careers like journalist, documentary filmmaker, or consultant! Getting to know others while gaining more knowledge is a dream come true for you, and so would be an excellent life choice.

Cancer: Start a family

A Cancer girl is a nurturer, and so family may be what lies in your future, because you love taking care of others. We’re not saying you need to paint yourself into a corner (especially if you’re not really into kids right now – or ever), and so you can fulfill your need for closeness and family through a tight circle of friends, a career in which you can help others (like teaching, social work, or medicine), or some time of solid partnership where you feel supported and life you’re both working towards a common goal. Cancers like you enjoy being able to see the fruits of your labour, so being stuck in something dead-ended is definitely not the thing for you, and instead you like seeing the people behind the work, since it makes it feel more valuable to you. Getting into family mode in some aspect of your life may be the key to solving your personal and professional dilemmas.

Leo: Get into the spotlight

Oh yeah, a Leo girl loves to get noticed for almost anything, but more than being noticed, you love to be adored. You’re not an attention-seeker per se, because the attention you crave is only of the good variety, and not the kind that can be earned via shameless publicity stunts, but you do love to inspire others. A Leo’s charm and magnetism ensure that you’re always front and centre, but you should also look to use your time in the spotlight for good. The glare of camera bulbs (or similar) is like a drug to you, but helping others is one of your passions, so combining the two seems like the perfect match! You need to truly believe in what you’re doing in order to pull it off, and so making the world a little better is a natural choice for you. Leos get a bad rap for not being considered team players, but as long as you’re dedicating your life to the greater good, who cares?

Virgo: Let yourself go a little

Virgos are notorious for not being able to relax, since their pragmatic and perfectionist nature has them doing everything by the book, but maybe it’s time to let yourself go a little. A Virgo like you is usually under a lot of stress, and because you’re so used to it, you think it helps you. Instead, it ends up making you push yourself too hard and burn out before time is up. For the sake of your mental health, you need to cut yourself a little slack, because not everyone can get everything right 100% of the time – and that’s where life begins! Using your keen memory and academic skills in a profession you love is an excellent idea, but allow your free time to be exactly that – free. Chilling out, kicking up your feet, and letting your hair down all have exceptional benefits to your health and life satisfaction, and that’s a practical reason for letting yourself go that even a tightly-wound Virgo like yourself can get behind!

Libra: Find inner peace

The sign of the Libra is symbolized by the scales, and so your life should follow suit and be about finding balance and inner peace. You’re a social sign who has a strong ability to see both sides in every argument, but you can also be a bit flaky because you find it difficult to commit to almost anything. You love people and beautiful things, and so sometimes you find yourself pulled between what is aesthetically pleasing and what is emotionally pleasing. So for your ideal life, you need to take some time for yourself to figure out what it is you want in all spheres. Taking some time to meditate, practicing yoga, or travelling to a far away place all alone will force you to get up close and personal with yourself, because while you play well with others, sometimes you neglect one of the most important people of all: you.

Scorpio: Push yourself

Scorpios thrive under pressure because they love a good challenge, and nothing gives you a greater satisfaction than figuring out the answer to something that most people find extremely difficult. However, you also tend to take things pretty personally, and so often give up if you feel that you’ve been slighted in some way, or if your feelings have been hurt. To live the life you should be, though, you need to keep your chin up and push yourself harder, because there’s so much greatness at the end of it. You’re a sign who can be a bit mopey, and since you’re secretive, you don’t open up often to let others help you out. That habit usually ends up biting you in the butt, because you give up when the going gets tough because you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, you need to toughen up and push yourself a bit harder in order to get to the sweetness.

Sagittarius: Create something

The Sagittarius is one of the most creative signs whose adaptability is a huge asset when it comes to life, but sometimes that means you have a lack of follow-through. You need to be passionate about everything you do, and so one of your biggest flaws is bailing when things begin to seem dull or stagnant. The best way to get out of that cycle is to create something that makes you happy and fulfills your goals (whatever they may be). Perhaps you love travel (as this sign often does), and so maybe you should look to starting a travel blog, because you can be proud of what you’re creating, while also thoroughly enjoying what you do. Creating something that you can happily put your name on is a way to combine your talents and passions, and even if it’s not a money-maker, it’s still something that feeds your soul and gives you a sunny outlook on life.

Capricorn: Take the lead

As a Capricorn, you have a hard work ethic and a lot of ambition, both of which can make you seem like a stick-in-the-mud who never has any fun. But in reality, you’re actually very likeable and down for a good time – after office hours, of course. That being said, you tendency to put your nose to the grindstone can have people overlook you, even though you do awesome things, simply because you’re not a sign who’s all “look at me”. You have ambition, sure, but your need to do a good job sometimes puts your ambition in the back seat because you don’t like overstepping your boundaries. But we both know that playing second fiddle to someone else isn’t your idea of a good time, and so we’re telling you to take the lead! Put your name in for something or take control of a personal situation in order to get the outcome you want – and deserve. You’re a stubborn one too, so don’t back down when an opportunity to lead comes your way.

Aquarius: Travel for a good cause

An Aquarius like you has the travel bug bad, and instead of trying to smother it by doing something normal and mundane, you should embrace it and use it to guide your life. Since you do just as well by yourself as you do with others, setting off on a trip alone or with friends is perfect for you. Your compassionate nature and powerful voice are great assets for you, as well, and should be combined with your love of travel, and so you should look at taking a trip for a good cause. Teaching overseas or helping to spread awareness on the other side of the world appeal to an Aquarius who values hard work but doesn’t want to be tied down. New experiences are your lifeblood and so helping others while you discover a new part of the globe is a path for your future that you should definitely consider.

Pisces: Help others

Pisces are a sign that is a big old softie, since your sensitive and caring nature is one of your defining traits. You feel a lot of things and you feel them in a BIG way, and unfortunately for you, not all those feelings are good. Your naturally warm personality means you sometimes get hurt a little too easily, and so a better life choice for you would be to seek out opportunities in which you get to help others. Whether that be a career choice or some more everyday things, like tutoring, babysitting, volunteering at a pet shelter, giving to charity, etc. is up to you. Pisces girls are also very creative and artistic, and so perhaps one of the best ways of helping others for you could be through art! A sign as sentimental as yours does best when you’re able to give to others, and you’ll likely find fulfillment in stepping outside yourself (and those loud emotions in your head) by doing something for those in need.