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What Each Zodiac Man’s One Deal-Breaker Is In A Relationship


When it comes to relationships, some people have “types” and others don’t. You may be the type who feels very laid back when it comes to dating. “I’m not picky!” you may think. “As long as he’s nice and has a good sense of humor, I’m willing to give it a shot.”

Yes, there are many of us who are pretty chill when it comes to the guys we will go on a couple dates with. But when it comes to real commitment, everyone has their deal breakers. Even the people who claim that they don’t have any! Deep down, everyone has that one thing that will send them running if they see it.

Your deal breaker might seem like a silly pet peeve to other people — but hey, it matters to you, and you get to call the shots in your relationships. Other times, your deal breaker might be something that WOULD really affect the course of your relationship. Either way, whatever your deal breaker is, it’s unlikely to change. You’ll probably always be judging potential significant others on this quality! Here is each zodiac sign’s one major deal breaker in a relationship — the stars will tell all!

12. Aries Guys: Can’t Date A Girl Who Won’t Leave Her Comfort Zone

Okay, this is one of those deal breakers that really does matter. If you know any Aries guys, you know that they love to travel and just do crazy spontaneous things. Seriously, these guys are not planners. They also like to be on the go as often as possible. They will typically look for jobs that allow them to travel, and if they are younger, they will take any opportunity to study abroad. So they need a girl who shares that outlook on life.

Now, here’s the funny thing — an Aries guy CAN date a girl who is a homebody, but this is where the deal breaker comes into play.

It’s okay if she prefers to stay in and chill, but she has to be willing to leave her comfort zone at times. If she’s open-minded about going on adventures, then that’s fine with Aries! She doesn’t have to be a huge a daredevil, but she definitely has to be okay with trying new things on a regular basis. If she is happy in her current ways and doesn’t want to consider anything new, then she is better off not dating an Aries guy — it will not end well!

11. Taurus Guys: Won’t Be With A Messy Girl

You know how sometimes, you will go over to a guy’s house for the first time, walk into his room, and see that it is a total mess? Like, a pile of dirty laundry in the corner, clothes all over the floor, empty cans of soda on his desk…ugh, you get the picture. And of course, there’s that vaguely musty “boy” smell in the air — courtesy of the dirty laundry!

But if you walk into a Taurus guy’s house, it will be impeccably clean.

Seriously, you might catch yourself wondering if he secretly has a maid come in and tidy things up. But no, he just really likes his space to be clean at all times — he feels like a cluttered room will lead to a cluttered life. He really prides himself on cleanliness!

This is why Taurus guys cannot be with messy girls. That is his ultimate deal breaker! If you’re the type of girl who always has a mess in the backseat of her car, who leaves her dishes in the sink, who forgets to take out the trash…we’re sorry to break the news for you, but a Taurus guy would not be your best match in the zodiac!

10. Gemini Guys: Can’t Date An Introverted Girl

It’s no secret that Gemini men absolutely love to go out. They like to party and socialize with basically anyone who will talk to them! On any given Friday night, you can find them out on the town with a big group of friends, laughing, having a good time, and hopefully, flirting with a few cute girls. Gemini guys aren’t really big on committed relationships — and if you’ve ever tried to date one, you probably figured that out pretty quickly! But that does not mean that they will never settle down with “the one” when the time is right. However, they do have one major deal breaker.

Gemini guys simply can’t date introverted girls; if a Gemini guy is going to be committed to one girl, she needs to be just as extroverted as he is!

This is because the only way that a Gemini guy will be truly happy in a relationship is if he can still maintain some of his previous freedom. He needs to still be able to go out and socialize when he wants — but he just wants to do it with his girl by his side! That’s why he needs to be with an extrovert.

9. Cancer Guys: Can’t Date A Girl Who Keeps Secrets

Before we get into this discussion, let’s get one thing straight — just because someone keeps secrets does not mean that they are a liar or disloyal in relationships. It could just mean that they are very guarded, and it will take them a long time to open up to someone. Or it could mean that when something does go wrong, they need a little bit of time to process their feelings and open up to their significant other about what happened. Some signs will be totally accepting of this. However, others will not. Cancer guys are one of those signs that feels like this is a deal breaker.

Here’s the thing about Cancer guys — they are honest to a fault.

In fact, they might be physically incapable of keeping a secret. They are definitely some of the most honest guys around. Why shouldn’t they try to find a girl who feels the same way? They would rather be with someone who confronts them with a hurtful truth than tries to comfort them with a lie. Yes, they can come across as sensitive nice guys, but trust us, they can handle it! They don’t want you to sugarcoat anything for them.

8. Leo Guys: Can’t Date A Shy Girl

Leo guys are super confident in themselves, and they want the whole world to know it! They have no problem with showing off a little. Do they have to date a girl who also lives her life in the exact same way? No, but they would rather be with a girl who has a similar attitude. She doesn’t have to be the female version of him, but she should share a few important qualities. So, what’s the major deal breaker for a Leo guy? He just can’t date a shy girl. Nope, he needs to be with a girl who is outgoing. It’s okay if she is a bit introverted, and it’s definitely okay if she is more humble than he is!

Imagine two Leos together? That might be a little over the top!

But at the end of the day, she has to be outgoing and confident. Leo guys just do not fit well with shy and insecure girls. There’s nothing wrong with these girls — they just have some personal growth to go through! And that’s perfectly fine. We’re all on our own journeys, facing our own challenges. They’re just not quite right for the Leo guys out there.

7. Virgo Guys: Can’t Date A Lazy Girl

It might already be pretty obvious that laziness would be a major deal breaker for Virgo guys! Seriously, this is the one trait that they truly cannot tolerate. Now, Virgo guys might not have Cancer-level work ethics, but they are definitely hard workers. They are highly motivated individuals. And the truth is that they just want to be with a girl who has that same mindset when it comes to working. They do not want to be with someone who is lazy.

Now, you may know that Virgo guys have a tendency to be very critical, and this is definitely true!

However, they don’t really have much of a “type” when it comes to dating. This may sound surprising, but it’s the truth. They are not really too picky except for a few key qualities. That’s why it’s so important for any girl who wants to date a Virgo guy to have a great work ethic. Otherwise, it simply will not work out. It doesn’t matter how funny you are, how many delicious home-cooked meals you prepare for him, or how many friends invite you out to parties — if you’re not a hard worker, it’s a big deal breaker!

6. Libra Guys: Can’t Date A Girl Who Just Wants Something Casual

On the surface, Libra guys often try to play it cool. They don’t want anyone to think that they’re super emotional and sensitive — but deep down, they really do have that side to them! It’s kind of adorable, actually.

But they also care a lot about what other people think, so they don’t always want “their boys” to figure out that they feel this way.

However, it’s the truth! So, here’s the Libra guy deal breaker: they can’t be with a girl who just wants a casual fling. Nope. They might try to act that way at first, but if you’ve been seeing a Libra guy for a while, just know if he didn’t have real feelings for you, he wouldn’t still be hanging out with you. That’s just the facts.

So if you are the type of girl who would rather have a casual fling than a serious relationship, maybe Libra guys are not right for you! But if you’re the type of girl who would much rather be with a guy who wants to commit to you right off the bat, Libra guys might just be perfect for you. Who knows, it could be written in the stars!

5. Scorpio Guys: Can’t Date An Overly Sensitive Girl

As you probably already know, Scorpio men are known for being very sensitive. In fact, not only are they more sensitive than the average guy, they’re more sensitive than plenty of girls out there, too! But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that — our personalities do not have to match up with everyone’s expectations. Scorpio guys learn from a young age that they are often different from their other guy friends, and they need to accept and embrace it. This is why Scorpio guys have one particular deal breaker: they can’t date an overly sensitive girl.

In other words, other Scorpios are definitely out of the question!

You might think that this represents a double standard. If Scorpio guys are okay with sensitivity as a character trait, why is that not okay for the women they date? It’s because these guys KNOW that they need some emotional balance in their relationship. When we were talking about Libras, we mentioned that the phrase “opposites attract” isn’t just a phrase — it actually has a lot of truth to it! Now, you can see how this comes into play for Scorpio guys. They are definitely attracted to girls who are different from them.

4. Sagittarius Guys: Can’t Date A Homebody

Sagittarius guys are very similar to Aries guys. They are super obsessed with traveling. When you see a Sagittarius guy’s Instagram, you will catch yourself wondering how he somehow manages to be in a different place every week. And when you do manage to spend some time with your male Sagittarius friends, they will always be talking about their most recent adventures, and their plans to buy more plane tickets next week.

This sign loves traveling more than any other; they were simply born to explore the world.

That’s why Sagittarius guys have this deal breaker: they can’t date a homebody.

It’s okay if you’re not a huge fan of parties. It’s okay if you don’t want to be social all the time. And it’s okay if you love your hometown. All of that is fine with a Sagittarius guy — but you have to be willing to travel, explore, and be adaptable. This guy could spend months sleeping in hostels without a care in the world, and if you’re not down for that type of life, he might not be down to date you. You guys could still be friends, of course, but he needs to date a girl with a similar mindset.

3. Capricorn Guys: Can’t Be With A Girl Who Doesn’t Plan For The Future

So, we mentioned that Virgo and Taurus girls don’t like to be with guys who don’t plan things out very well. Capricorn guys, as you might expect, don’t want to date a girl who hasn’t thought about her future. She could be doing great in the present, and they might get along really well — but in truth, Capricorn guys need to be with a girl who has a five-year plan. After all, they generally have ten-year plans. They need a girl who cares about the future just as much as they do.

Plus, it’s pretty reasonable for Capricorn guys to feel this way.

After all, if he knows how he wants to spend the next few years of their lives, and she doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on it, things might not work out too well.

How is he supposed to know whether or not they want the same things, or if their plans will match up if she doesn’t even have a plan? It can definitely make for a sticky situation, which is why this is his deal breaker. He has probably already had his heart broken by a carefree Sagittarius girl, so he needs to be careful!

2. Aquarius Guys: Can’t Date A Girl Who Wants To Follow A “Traditional” Path

So, as we just explained, Capricorn girls need to be with a guy who has a job — preferably, he’s got a steady 9-5 or he has established his own business and gotten it off the ground. Now, as for Aquarius men? They’re actually kind of looking for the opposite. And this is one reason why Aquarius men and Capricorn women just never seem to end up with each other! So, what exactly are Aquarius men looking for?

Well, they are pretty open-minded, but they do have one deal breaker: they do not want to be with a girl who desires a “traditional” path in life.

If you’re the type of woman who doesn’t really want to have kids, if you don’t care too much about having a big white wedding, if you would rather travel for long periods of time than save up to buy a house…then you might be just right for an Aquarius guy.

Like, if your life plan right now goes something like, “I think I’ll buy a van, adopt a cute mutt, drive across the country, and see what happens,” then an Aquarius guy would probably fall head over heels for you and ask to come along.

1. Pisces Guys: Won’t Date A Girl Who Would Rather Stay Indoors

Pisces guys just love the outdoors. Actually, this applies to water and earth signs in general, but this quality is especially apparent with Pisces guys! They love nothing more than simply relaxing on the beach. Anytime they get to be around water, they’re happy. It won’t come as a surprise to hear that their favorite sports are usually swimming and surfing! Pisces guys just need to be outside, preferably in the water.

If they can’t get out into nature on a regular basis, it makes them feel a little stir crazy!

This is why Pisces guys can’t be with a girl who would rather stay indoors than go outside. Nope, they definitely need someone who loves the outdoors as much as they do. Otherwise, the relationship just will not work. That’s why this is their deal breaker. Being outside and exploring the great outdoors is so integral to their happiness. If a Pisces guy meets a girl who would rather be on her phone most of the day or watch Netflix for hours on end rather than go hiking or go to the beach, he probably is not going to be attracted to her. But other than that, he’s easy going.