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Virgo 2018 Horoscope


Virgo 2018 Love Horoscope

Saturn and Pluto are in your love sector all year, and this brings more of an overall focus on love in your life, and you can take love much more seriously now, focusing on having healthier love and sharing more of the love you feel. Mars is in your love sector mid-March through mid-May, and you may have even more energy and focus on love then, but Mars retrogrades (appears to move backward) in your love sector the second half of August, and this may be a difficult time for love. You can get into it with loved ones and have a hard time with expressing love, and can be more frustrated with others. Try to be more patient and supportive. Mars remains in your love sector to mid-September, and you can work on mending your relationships.

Neptune remains in your relationship sector all year, helping you focus on more spiritual and emotional connections with the people in your life. You can be compassionate, understanding, and sacrificing with the people you care about, and this can be more pronounced when Mars is in this sector mid-November through December. You can give more time and attention to the people in your life, and want to do what you can for them.

Uranus is nearing the end of his time in your intimacy sector, remaining here to mid-May, then coming back in early November for the last round. You may’ve been approaching intimacy in different ways over the last 7 years, and any final changes can come now. Mercury retrogrades in your intimacy sector late March through mid-April, and you may have a hard time connecting with others fully, sharing, or feeling close. Work on issues with intimacy then, and try removing some blocks.

Virgo 2018 Career Horoscope

Most of the focus is on your work life in 2018 rather than your overall career and finances, and it starts with a solar eclipse February 15th in your work sector. You can pursue new work opportunities, start new work projects, and get more attention for work you’ve done. You can focus on trying to do work that you enjoy and are passionate about. Mars enters your work sector mid-May, bringing more energy and focus to your work life, and turns retrograde late June in this sector, staying retrograde here until mid-August.

This might bring about some work issues, and you can experience difficulties with the work you do, with the people you work with or for, or lack passion for what you’re doing. Try to make sure you have an outlet for frustrated energy. A lunar eclipse occurs in the middle on July 27th in your work sector, and this can be a good time for releasing issues that you’re having with your work. If you hate what you do, this may feel like the time to quit, but make sure you’ve done your homework first. Mars returns to this sector mid-September to mid-November, and you can take advantage of work opportunities and new projects.

Venus retrogrades in your money sector the first half of November, and you may have a hard time sticking to a budget, tracking your finances, or making sound financial decisions. Try to avoid splurging too much, and be mindful of your rainy day fund.

Virgo 2018 Home and Family Horoscope

Mars is in your home and family sector late January through mid-March, and you can focus more on your family or the people you view as family. You can give them more time and attention, support and encouragement, and you can work on connecting with them emotionally. Jupiter enters your home and family sector in early November, and you get a one year period where you can take advantage of opportunities to connect better with family, expand your family, and spend more time with your family. That may not be the case right away through with Mercury retrograde in this sector the second half of November, and you may need to focus on eliminating issues with your family.

Saturn and Pluto are in the sector ruling your children, so if you have any, you may have to be more present for them this year, do more for them, while also letting them branch out more and learn responsibility. Mars is in this sector mid-March through mid-May, and you can spend more time with them and give them more attention. Mars retrogrades in this sector the second half of August, and they may be more rebellious, pushing back against you, and you may need to both give them more space and reassure them of your constant support.

Virgo 2018 Mental State Horoscope

Jupiter is in one of the sectors ruling the mind to early November, helping you to think bigger, focus on the positives, come up with new ideas and new plans, and focus on new experiences. Mars is in this sector late January to mid-March, bringing even more mental energy, new ideas, and new plans. You can be excited by your ideas, and want to take action with them. Venus retrogrades in this sector in October, and you may lack mental focus, discipline, and can put your foot in your mouth more often. Mercury retrogrades in this sector the first week of December, and you can have more misunderstandings or fights, and need to do more listening.

Uranus begins his tour of the other sector ruling your mind in mid-May through early November, and this can help you think even bigger and more outside of the box. You can be open to unusual ways of viewing the world and learning about how the world works, and you may want to learn about unconventional subjects.

A lunar eclipse occurs in the sector ruling your subconscious mind January 31st, and you can dig deeper into your subconscious mind, address subconscious issues, motivations, desires, and work to let go of baggage and move on from the past. Mercury retrogrades in this sector late July through mid-August, and issues from the past may be raised, or you have to work to eliminate something for a second time, and secrets can come out. A solar eclipse occurs in this sector August 11th, and you can work on trying to put yourself on the right path and focus on the good.

Virgo 2018 General Horoscope

Mercury is your ruler, so you tend to feel pretty off whenever Mercury is retrograde, so watch the Mercury retrograde periods in 2018. Mercury is retrograde mid-March through mid-April (impacting your intimate relationships), late July through mid-August (dredging up the past), and mid-November to early December (throwing off your mind and emotions). Be more patient with yourself, and with others.

A solar eclipse occurs on July 12th in your friendship sector, and this can be a good time to meet new people, venture outside of your comfort zone, do something different, be more independent, spend more time with friends, or pursue causes you’re passionate about. You can also pursue opportunities to achieve your dreams, and work to move along closer to what you hope your life will be like.

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