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Very few Americans get this right without a calculator: Can you solve it?


Can you solve this equation – without a calculator?

Okay, now to the challenge.

Below is a tricky equation. Can you solve it without using a calculator?

What do you think the right answer is?

Hmm, now how did this work again?

Think long and hard and you might be able to remember!

The answer is written underneath this image.






Here’s the answer

The right answer is 104.

But how come?

First of all, before we do anything else, we need to solve the multiplication, and 25 * 0 gets us 0.

So what remains is 50 + 50 – 0 + 2 + 2 which gets us 104.

So the answer is 104.

Did you get the right answer? If so, then congratulations!

Can you solve this tricky math problem using nothing but regular school math?

Classic brain training methods are perhaps puzzles like crosswords or sudoku, but in recent times I have become more and more attracted to the type of challenge you’ll see below.

This types of puzzles have been flooding the web lately, probably because they are really fun!

These are old classic mathematical problems. When you were in middle or high school.

These tests are more fun when you find yourself trying to remember the math you learned as a child.

Can you find the correct number?

Okay, here comes the challenge.

In the picture below, you will face a math problem, and there are three different possible solutions you can pick from.

Which of the answers do you think is right?


It is important to try to remember the correct order to solve a math problem to get the right answer.

Below the next picture, you can see the correct answer!






Correct answer

The correct answer is A: 61.

Why is that?

Well, first of all, we have to start by solving the multiplication, 60 x 0, which will be 0.

So this leaves us with 60 + 0 + 1 and so, it becomes quite easy to see that the correct answer is 61.

But if you forget you must always start with the multiplication, then it gets tricky!

Did you solve the problem correctly? Congratulations to you!