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Try And Find The Odd Emoji – Are You The Genius That Can Pass This Test?


Before giving you instructions for puzzles, you should know that few people can answer within 10 seconds. So do not be discouraged if you can not do it. However, if you are one of the lucky few, hit the back!

So here they are. There are a total of three puzzles that I will take individually.

The first comes from EG Mines – a YouTube channel. The puzzle is quite simple, there is a group of Emojis Hammer, including Emoji. You must find the intruder within 10 seconds.

So your time starts now!

Were you able to find the odd one?


You can see the answer below

So here is the next one, you need to follow the same rules. Try and find the odd one out!

Were you able to find it in 10 seconds?

You can find the odd one circled in red below

The symbol is a little lighter in colour than the others. It’s the first one on the third row.
NOW, it’s time for the last one. If you’ve already got the first two right then well done!

For this one, you need to find the odd digit!
Remember you only have ten seconds.

The odd digit is a six, were you able to find it on time?!

The answer is below:

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