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The Type Of Girl He Will Date Before Finding “The One”, Based On His Zodiac Sign


We have all totally gone full-on FBI secret service research mode on our boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends social media in order to figure out what they were like. While we’re not exactly proud of it, we can tell you the name of her dog at this point.

While researching our lover’s ex isn’t exactly our most glamorous moments, it’s the truth. Part of us wants to see what she’s like, another part of us uses it to get to know our boo’s type. Overall, finding out the type of girls our boyfriend went for before finding the perfect girl (AKA us) is a fascinating search for the truth.

That’s why we’ve analyzed each man’s Zodiac sign and figured out what type of girl he went for before finding the one. Based on your stalking, you will totally find one of his ex’s on our list! You’ll be laughing on the floor at our perfect rendition of each guy’s ex that it’ll seem like it was written just for you.

Since each Zodiac sign has powerful traits and characteristics, it’s not surprising that each sign usually goes for the same girl. It’s like some magical energy in the universe that just attracted him to her in the past. Now that he’s happier off with the love of his life, it’s okay to laugh a little at his taste in the past!

16. Fire Signs: The Motherly Type

We’re not even surprised that the Fire Zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have dated women who they looked up to as motherly figures. These Zodiac signs are total mama’s boys.

This girl could totally be mistaken for your mother if she was only 25 years older. She treats you like the child you wish you were as she does everything for you your mother once did. This includes doing your laundry, cooking you every meal, and cleaning up your place. The crazy thing is you don’t even ask for any of it!

Instead, she does it all on her own as it’s a part of her character and she feels like she’s meant to do it all for you!

It’s totally adorable that she cares for you this much, but is kind of creepy at the same time.

You’re a grown adult who should be doing this on your own. Instead, you seek a woman with these motherly characteristics in order to take care of you.

While we know these Zodiac signs like to be pampered sometimes, we were totally surprised to find out that they basically dated their moms for a while. We’re happy they have moved past this phase and are now starting to grow up.

15. Aries: The Party Girl

This ex that our Aries male dated before finding the right one is utterly hilarious! The reason why it’s so surprising is that an Aries male is one of the calmest and most laid back signs. He’s totally not into going to huge parties and staying out all night long to have a good time. Instead, he prefers to spend the nights in with his buddies and talk about life.

For some reason, he thought dating a party animal is exactly what he needed at the time. While their personalities were totally opposite, they managed to get through a couple of dates with each other.

This party girl is the ultimate rock star! She adores heading out for a good time every weekend with her girlfriends to whatever party is happening that evening. She and her girl group are able to have a good time anywhere they go with their out-there personalities. Not only is she a party girl, but she’s also a bad girl along the way. There is nothing stopping her from breaking a few rules in order to create some memories that will never be forgotten! We’re still totally surprised at this couple but we’re guessing the Aries male wanted to step outside his comfort zone for a while and just have a good time! Overall, he understood that their personalities just aren’t a good match and that it won’t work.

14. Leo: The Princess

This girl is a total drama queen always seeking attention from whoever she’s dating. At this point, it seems as if she’s only dating in order to have someone take care of her and treat her like the princess she believes herself to be. This literally seems like some personal issues that haven’t been resolved and are now being carried into her future.

We can’t believe the Leo male dated such a high maintenance princess.

Everything has to go her way to the exact detail. Similarly to the dominant girl, the princess also has all of the power in the relationship in order to have everything go her way! While we’re not exactly sure what he saw in her, we’re happy these two aren’t a thing anymore.

Thankfully the princess isn’t bummed out about it either. She has moved on to her next target figuring out how to get him to take care of her forever. Whether it’s paying her bills, treating her to extravagant gifts or just doing everything her way, men seem to be under her finger. This girl totally can’t do anything on her own and would be utterly terrified to live alone. She has no priorities and responsibilities what so ever, other than staying glam and keeping up with her nail appointments. We aren’t surprised if she has a secret collection of tiaras!

13. Sagittarius: The Prom Queen

This girl is definitely Ms. Popular and adores all of the attention. She’s basically the Regina George of society, minus the mean personality.

We can totally see how men fall for her fun attitude and desire to have a good time. She’s always the center of the party making sure everyone is having a good time. She’s the popular girl in high school that everyone wanted to be friends with since everyone thinks she’s so cool! Best of all, she isn’t a mean person. She respects those around her and is obsessed with her closest friends.

Even though she’s a cool girl, she’s way too obsessed with her image and status.

She’s always willing to go the extra step to outdo everyone around her and have them talking. She is for sure Instagram popular, or probably social media famous having a ton of people looking up to her.

She’s cultivated her image carefully, so she’s terrified to lose her social status. While she’s a pretty popular person to date, there are some downsides that go along with it in order to keep up the image. She is willing to go to any length to stay relevant and always on top! No one can beat her out of the spotlight as she has totally worked hard for it.

12. Earth: The Drama Starter

While we understand the Earth Zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn didn’t exactly mean to date a girl who’s obsessed with starting drama, it just so happened to work out that way.

These Zodiac signs were a little surprised to figure out that they were dating a drama queen. This girl is naturally an expert at figuring out how to start a fight out of any issue that comes her way. Didn’t reply to her text? Drama starts.

This girl is not only a professional at starting problems, but she seems to enjoy it.

She adores the attention she gets from the men she dates when she starts problems in regards to their relationship. She likes hearing that they care for her and that she means the world to them. She is 100% willing to go out of her way to start a fight in order to feel all of the attention.

While we all want to be loved, this is not super healthy and definitely too much. This girl finds herself in chaotic relationships all the time. She’s only about to date men who adore crazy women and also get a thrill out of fighting all the time. We just can’t imagine being with someone who loves starting fights whenever an opportunity presents itself. Whether small or medium, she’s able to make the problem huge. Not only does she blow up the issue, she’s also smart enough to manipulate the problem into it being your fault.

11. Taurus: The Less Than Truthful One

Taurus males are one of the most hardworking signs out there, making it a no-brainer that they usually end up successful. However, he used to date a bit of a liar in the past who was using him to achieve her own goals. We’re totally not sure how he was attracted to someone who wasn’t fully invested in him, but we guess it kind of just unfolded that way.

This girl was totally gorgeous and uses her beauty and wit to outplay the guy. For whatever reason it is, she feels like lying is the secret to getting what she needs. She’s untruthful about everything! Especially telling him how much she adores him when she’s just trying to get something out of it. Whether it’s free dates and dinners, getting help with her schoolwork or projects, or getting stuff done she doesn’t feel like doing herself.

She’s pretty unproductive making it utterly insane that the hardworking Taurus fell for her! This girl understands that it’s just much easier to lie about why she can’t do something in order to manipulate the person she’s dating to do it! We’re so glad these two didn’t end up together as they’re not a good match.

10. Virgo: The Ambitious One

When we usually look back at our lover’s ex, they totally come as a surprise. However, we could totally see our Virgo male dating this girl as her endless ambition almost matches his.

This girl is totally dedicated to her pursuits. She knows exactly what she wants and what she has to do to get it! No one will stand in her way of achieving all of her goals. She’s totally determined to be successful and has attractive hard working qualities.

While she doesn’t exactly have a 4.0 GPA or six-figure salary, she’s dedicated to her passions and is willing to work her hardest to get want she wants.

She is also generous and is willing to give up her precious time to be with the people she cares about! However, in this case, it seems as if this girl was just way too ambitious for our Virgo male and wasn’t willing to keep him by her side. Instead, she’s more consumed with creating the life she desires and becoming the person she always dreamed of becoming. Nothing is going to stop her as she’s determined to be incredibly successful in whatever she does. We can totally see what our Virgo male found attractive in her.

9. Capricorn: The Boho Girl

Everyone knows someone like this girl. She is obsessed with crystals more than anyone around her as she’s always talking about good vibes. She’s so obsessed with people’s energies and frequencies that she’ll easily leave a room if she’s not feeling the love. You will most probably find her wrists covered in crystal bracelets.

Not only does she adore crystals, she’s also vegan, loves yoga, eats only organic, and loves to meditate. This girl doesn’t eat GMO’s and makes sure no pesticides stepped foot on her avocado. She’s constantly paying $10 for a green juice and eating kale infused everything.

You can always see her at the gym or heading to a yoga class to clear out her head. This girl is all about her mental and physical health and we respect her for that. Even though it may seem like she is a little over the top, she knows how to take care of herself. Her dating life is totally hard as she’s only looking for someone with similar values to her. That’s why the Capricorn male and she weren’t exactly a perfect match. Either way, we hope she’s able to find someone obsessed with kale as much as she is!

8. Air: The Artsy Type

While the Air Zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius aren’t exactly known as the artistic types, they seem to always end up with the artsy type. Our hypothesis is that a part of them desires to be with someone talented and artistic in order to add another element to their lives. However, their dating relationships don’t seem to really take off.

The artsy type is an interesting girl. She adores being incredibly creative and transforming everything around her into a work of art. Whatever it is, she’s ready to switch it up and make something new out of it. She loves art in all forms such as painting, sculptures, poetry, music, and writing. She’s also talented in most of these areas.

She can get pretty mysterious at times as her poetic edgy personality makes men flock to her.

She’s different from the average everyday girl and knows how to enjoy her passions. She isn’t scared to follow her dreams, even while everyone around her keeps telling her she won’t succeed. She doesn’t care about societal norms and does everything her own way! Men adore her personality and her artistic pursuits. We all wish we could be as artsy as this awesome girl!

7. Gemini: The Dominate One

Since Gemini men are one of the most dominate Zodiac signs out there, we’re not surprised that they sometimes seek a similar counterpart. That’s why you can always find a male Gemini trying to date another alpha female in hopes of creating the ultimate power couple. However, let’s just say that doesn’t exactly work out as planned.

Our favorite Gemini male instead found an insanely dominate female to date for a little bit. He quickly understood that he wouldn’t be able to make one decision in their relationship as she overpowered him tremendously. She’s completely intelligent and knows how to get what she wants. But more so, she has such a strong internal desire to get things her way that she won’t settle for less! This totally spooked out the Gemini male, as he couldn’t even compete for power.

While this couple may seem like the perfect two based on their character, it totally did not work out that way!

You can still see this girl trying to date other powerful men in hopes of finding someone around her level. Hopefully, then the two can balance each other’s power hungriness and be at an equal playing field. She’s definitely a hard girl to deal with!

6. Libra: The Player

Since our Libra male is one of the sweetest, it’s heartbreaking to hear that he dated a player. This girl totally doesn’t seem to care for the guys she comes across and appears to use them to have a good time.

She literally sticks around while she’s having fun, but as soon as she’s bored, she runs away. She has some good personality traits and is pretty charming. Her witty humor is also part of what allows her to wrap the men she dates right around her finger, as she’s able to convince them to do whatever she wants. Basically, she’s a con woman normally on the lookout for her next man.

Men are always dazzled and confused when they realize she ran away and they cant get a hold of her. However, it’s this player’s loss as she didn’t know what she was missing out on.

While usually, guys get a bad rep for being players, this girl totally takes the cake as a master manipulator. We hope no one falls under her spell in the future or by then that she changes her heart-breaking ways.

5. Aquarius: The Girl With Her Own Agenda

While the Aquarius male did date this girl for a short period of time, it totally didn’t work out. This girl had her own agenda from the start, and that’s putting herself first before anyone else.

She was more obsessed with her own well being, not caring about how her actions impact those around her at all. She’s a mentally strong girl and knows what she has to do to reach success and prosperity. Dating is a perfect time for her to see if she can land a guy who is willing to follow her lead in order to better her life.

She couldn’t care less about your passions and goals, as long as they don’t get in the way of hers.

We understand having the need to protect ourselves, but this girl goes way over the top. She’s willing to do almost anything to make sure everything goes her way and she’s getting the best out of every situation. We respect her dedication to not being taken advantage of, however, we’re not fans of her for taking advantage of innocent men in order to manipulate them for her own benefit.

Since the Aquarius male is easily persuaded, we just hate that he found himself in this relationship!

4. Water: The Multiple Personalities Type

Who knew that the Water Zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces would end up with girls they didn’t know they would! These three Zodiac males normally find themselves dating girls with multiple personalities.

This girl is a different person every day depending on her mood! First, she’s fun and bubbly looking to have a good time. Then once someone slightly offends her by using a different tone, she transforms into a bit of a drama queen.

We can just imagine the Water signs finding themselves in that situation and not knowing what to do. This girl is able to switch her mood at the drop of a hat depending on what’s going on around her. It seems as if she’s able to pick up different energies depending on the person she is talking to. Ultimately, she does not have a stable character as it is always changing.

It feels as if you’re dating an actress who’s always changing her role.

You never know which version of her you will get, and can only hope for the best! We’re happy the Water males were able to see where their relationship with this girl was going and made sure to turn the other way immediately!

3. Cancer: The Stalker

A ton of Cancer males are the ultimate bachelors causing women to flock to them. It’s as if they’re able to attract such positive energy from everyone and everything that they go to. And its no wonder women love them, their personalities are right out of the movies, making them the perfect dream guy!

Since they’re so desirable, it comes as to surprise to hear that our Cancer male came across a stage five clinger in the past. He dated a total stalker who wasn’t about to lose her dream boo, and decided to follow his every move instead!

This girl continuously hit up his phone with endless messages and phone calls, even when he never answered. She’s the type of girl to show up to their place if they haven’t answered for a few hours. She’s also willing to self-invite herself to every place he goes to in order to be together. This girl totally has a mix of trust issues and obsession over guys.

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to learn to hack him in order to track his every location and see what’s happening on their phone. It’s hilarious that these two ended up together at one point.

2. Scorpio: The Beautiful Girl Who Might Lack Personality

This girl is a literal dream. Her beauty is absolutely mesmerizing making you question how someone can be this attractive. And it’s no wonder that our Scorpio male fell for such a beauty queen. He felt like a million dollars being seen with such a breathtaking woman.

Even though the Scorpio fell for her good looks, he quickly understood that there’s not much else to her. While she was physically beautiful on the outside, she was also a sweetheart inside. Sadly, the only thing she lacked was a personality. This girl isn’t that interested in anything going on around her and is more consumed with her own looks. She’s constantly wondering about getting her hair done and looking her best. Instead, the Scorpio male is more interested in having deep conversations and having debates on current affairs.

While she’s beautiful on the outside, she doesn’t have much on the inside.

You can’t exactly keep up an interesting conversation with her as her memory span isn’t the best. Worst of all, she’s not that interested in even talking about her own life. Her dull personality might be a deal breaker for most just as it was for the Scorpio male. However, her endless beauty will always keep turning heads.

1. Pisces: The Mess

While this girl is a fun time and it’s never a dull moment when she’s around, she is a total crazy mess.

She definitely believes in making each day a perfect memory and is willing to go above and beyond to prove that. She doesn’t care much if she gets in trouble since her fun-loving attitude doesn’t see that as a big deal. She doesn’t always understand when she crosses a line or does something a little insane. While at first, this girl seems like she’s just trying to have a good time, eventually it makes sense that she’s just crazy.

She puts on Oscar-winning performances whenever she gets into a fight in her relationship as she begins to ball her eyes out and complain. We feel bad for anyone who has to deal with her over the top dramatics.

While she’s a little out-there, she’s also a bit of a mess. This girl seems to have thrown most of her priories out of the window and has zero expectations of how her life is going to turn out. We almost feel bad for her, and then remember all of the drama that she starts.