Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

The problem is people are being hated when they are real


1. I may not be perfect, but at least I am not fake. With me, what you see is what you get.


2. Stay real and stay loyal, or you might as well stay away from me.


3. A fake friend is like a shadow. They will follow you around in the sun and leave you in the dark.

4. You can always count on a real situation to expose a fake friend.


5. You cannot always trust what you see. Even salt looks like sugar.


6. There is no room for fake people in my life.


7. Some people will stab you in the back and then ask you why you are bleeding.


8. Sometimes it is not that people change, it is just that the masks have fallen off.


9. People do not change. They reveal who they really are over time.

10. Be very cautious of people whose actions do not match their words.


11. If I cut you out of my life, then the chances are that you gave me the scissors.

12. It is not my role to expose fake people. In due time, they will expose themselves for who they really are.


13. Once the wrong people stop talking to you, they start talking about you instead.


14. Cut off fake people for real reasons and do not cut off real people for fake reasons.


15. Some of the most poisonous people come to us disguised as family and friends.

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