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The Nastiest Things About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

No human being is perfect, and our zodiac signs don’t only come with positive qualities.


We all love to read our horoscopes, and some of us like to go a step further and read all about the many different qualities of our zodiac sign. We mainly read these descriptions to hear the positive things that the stars have to say about our personalities. Leos love to hear that they can take command of any room that they enter. Cancers like to see that they’re known for being caring and loving towards their family and friends. And Sagittarius loves getting a little boost of validation for their free-spirited lifestyles that not everyone understands.

But no human being is perfect, and our zodiac signs don’t only come with positive qualities. Every sign has a few negative qualities as well. We may not like to hear it, but we’ve got to face the truth about our signs! Here is the nastiest thing about you, according to your zodiac sign.

Gemini: Shallow Hal

Geminis tend to get a lot of flack because they’re seen as two-faced, but don’t worry Gemini, we’re not about to criticize you just because your personality can be tough to pin down. But we will throw you a little shade for something completely different. Yes, Gemini, you pride yourself on being knowledgeable about lots of different topics, and you love to expand on that knowledge by reading, traveling, and learning in all sorts of ways. However, this means that you try to come off as an expert on every subject, which is just impossible. When you act like this, people don’t think of you as smart, they just think you’re trying desperately to impress everyone in the room, and more than anything, it makes you come across as shallow. So Gemini, next time you’re tempted to show off your “expert knowledge,” try to do a little more listening before you talk.

Cancer: Stop Being A Baby

Okay, Cancer, we get it you’re super emotional when it comes to your family and friends, and that’s okay. You shouldn’t ever feel ashamed for caring a lot about the people in your lives! All of that effort and emotion is a good thing. However, no one likes to be a whiner, and Cancer, we’ve got some bad news for you, you can be kind of a whiner. We know you don’t like to hear it, but it’s the truth. You can have a hard time setting your emotions aside and looking at a situation objectively, especially when it involves someone that you really care about. It can get to the point where you move from just being a little too emotional to being straight up whiny, and no one likes to deal with that. They might view you as someone who would rather complain and whine than find a real solution.

Leo: You’re Not The Boss Of Me

Leo, you love yourself more than anyone else, and you take pride in so many of the positive qualities of your zodiac sign. Yes, you’re bold, loud, and colorful, and you would not have it any other way. You can’t imagine living a different lifestyle or trying to tone it down. You know that some people don’t really vibe with your personality, and you’ve sort of made peace with that, but do you really understand why some people don’t like to be around Leos? Well, Leo, you love to take charge, and while you may view yourself as a natural leader, other people tend to see you as bossy. And no one likes to be seen as bossy! No, this isn’t bossy in the positive #girlboss context, it’s bossy in the “stop pointing fingers and telling everyone what to do” context. Next time you’re tempted to “lead,” step back for a second!

Virgo: My Way Or The High Way

Virgo, you try to cultivate a certain type of lifestyle for yourself, and you take a lot of pride in this. You live simply, you’re a bit of a minimalist, and you don’t really leave anything in your life up to chance you’re very careful about everything. You’re the ultimate planner, and you love it. Planning, organizing, and making careful, conscious decisions about everything feels right to you, and you have no inclination to change or “loosen up” anytime soon. But have you ever considered that you can be a total control freak? We know, it sounds a little harsh, and we’re sorry about it, but it’s the truth. When you don’t want to leave anything in your life up to chance, you can end up trying to control other people in your life, too, and no one likes that! You could definitely benefit from chilling out just a little bit.

Libra: You’re Such A Pusher ( Biggest Push Overs)

The sign of Libra is represented by the scales, and Libra, you claim to always aim for balance in every area of your life. Not too hot, not too cold it’s like Goldilocks and the three bears. You don’t want too much work or too much relaxation, you try to follow up a week of healthy eating with a treat or two, and every busy day is followed up by a nice bubble bath. But here’s the problem with your struggle for balance, sometimes, those compromises that you make are not actually in the name of “balance.” You often actually end up compromising because of other people’s wants and needs. This leads to people viewing you as a pushover if they can sell you an idea well enough and be persuasive about it, you’ll usually bend to their demands in the name of “compromise” but it’s not a compromise if you don’t actually benefit.

Scorpio: Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

Scorpio, you are governed by your emotions, and even though this can frustrate some people, you are definitely not ashamed. You love to live your life this way, and you find that you feel everything more deeply than most people. To you, this is a positive thing you feel like you get more out of every relationship because you approach it from such an emotional standpoint and just let yourself embrace whatever you’re feeling. But this can sometimes mean that you make destructive decisions based on your emotions. And because of this, you’re known as a cheater. Scorpio is the most likely sign to interfere with someone else’s relationship because they feel that if they like someone, their emotions take precedence over other factors, and they should go for what they want. Newsflash, Scorpio: you do NOT want to be known as a serial cheater who won’t hesitate to steal someone’s boyfriend.

Sagittarius: You Did Not Wake Up Like This

Sagittarius loves to be known as the free-spirit of the zodiac. But there are plenty of Sags out there who don’t really fit that description, they’re just posers. They may try to act very zen and chill, and pretend that they’re always down to go with the flow, but deep down, it may all be an image. You really have to get to know a Sag to see if they’re genuine or not. Sure, your Sag friend may be super into yoga, always making travel plans, and act like they’re down for anything, but in reality, you need to wait and see how they react when things DON’T go according to their plan. And if you’re a Sagittarius, stop worrying so much about your image and how you appear to other people. Because at the end of the day, if you’re acting fake, they will honestly see right through the whole act.

Capricorn: Friends < Opportunity

Capricorn, you really value your career. You have always been very ambitious, ever since you were a little kid, and you have always had been big dreams that you have every intention of achieving one day. You are no stranger to early mornings, late nights, and afternoons spent studying in the library. If you’re still a student, you’re used to getting amazing grades, and if you’ve already graduated college and started your career, you’re always on the fast track to your next promotion. Yes, all your hard work always pays off, but you also have a tendency to use people in order to get ahead in your career. You’re a “social climber,” not a social butterfly, you see some new “friends” as a means to getting ahead, and you’ll happily use that friendship as a stepping stone to your next raise or promotion. Be careful, Capricorn, because this could really backfire.

Aquarius: Not That Into It

Aquarius, you know that you’re a bit quirky and different, so you’re okay with only having a small circle of friends. Not a lot of people seem to really “get” you, and you’re totally okay with that. You’re not really the people pleasing type, and you’ve stopped trying to be, so you don’t mind that you only hang out with a few select people. But have you ever considered the possibility that the reason you don’t have many friends isn’t because you’re so unique, it’s because you’re super detached? You may tell yourself that you struggle to connect with people because they just don’t “get” you, but the truth is, you’ve given up on trying to connect with them. Don’t get so wrapped up in thinking that you’re just too “special” for other people, actually try to reach out to them, and you will see some serious changes in your relationships.

Pisces: You Can’t Even

Okay, Pisces, you KNEW this was coming. You already know that you’re probably the most emotional sign on the entire zodiac, and you don’t care, that’s just who you are. You can be on a roller coaster of emotions all the time, and you’re fine with it, that’s how you’ve always been, and you know it’s not going to change. But it can also be your greatest flaw, because you tend to allow your emotions to cloud reality. Love can be blind, and so is Pisces because you always see what you want to see based on what you’re feeling rather than being honest with yourself about what’s actually happening. At best, this can make you appear silly, and at worst, it can actually be dangerous. Pisces, you need to learn how to manage your emotions while keeping one foot in the real world. Otherwise, you will always see the world through rose colored glasses.

Aries: Me, Me, Me

Aries, you already know that you’re impulsive and adventurous. You’re also probably aware that you can be quite stubborn at times! But you tend to take pride in this, because you think it’s important to carve out your own path in life and stand up for what you believe in. However have you ever wondered how this attitude comes across to other people? Maybe you have, and you just didn’t care. Well, newsflash, Aries, while you might think that your lifestyle and attitude is just an expression of your individuality that you refuse to compromise on, other people often see it as selfish. A little compromise and consideration for other people’s feelings WON’T ruin your life, we promise. Try it some time, and you may see that people respond to you much more positively. You don’t always have to be so averse to the suggestions of other people, compromise will not kill you.

Taurus: Don’t Be A Scrooge

Every Taurus is aware of their organizational tendencies. You pride yourself on being very down to earth, organized, and punctual. You also feel that it’s very important to create a proper budget and stick to it. You manage your money very well, and you would never let one penny go to waste. And while this can be very beneficial, it can also slip into negative territory. Have you ever considered that maybe your saving habits can go range from “frugal,” which is fine, to “greedy,” which is absolutely not okay? Let’s be real, Taurus, you’re the most likely to freak out over splitting the check if it means you have to pay a couple extra dollars, and you can be a little stingy when it comes to tipping, too. Don’t let your greedy habits turn you into a total Scrooge! Practice being a little more generous with your money, within reason.