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The Biggest Success And Biggest Defeat Each Zodiac Sign Will Experience


We all go through ups and downs in life. While we can experience some really amazing times, like landing our dream jobs or falling in love and getting engaged, we can also go through things that are so hard we can’t even believe it, like having a tough time finding employment or a friendship break-up. Even though our lives all look different and we’re all unique, one thing is for sure: no one has a perfect life and we all struggle sometimes. Even if we think that everyone looks like they’re having the best time ever thanks to social media, that’s not usually the case. It’s so much more realistic to realize that we’re all going through the same stuff.

Our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about the people that we are, and they can also tell us the story of the ups and downs of our lives. From the biggest success that we will experience that will make us want to jump for joy 24/7 to the biggest defeat that will make us want to crawl under the covers for a few days, our zodiac sign can tell us everything. What’s your biggest success and defeat? Read on to find out, all according to your zodiac sign.

24. Aquarius — Success: Standing Up For Something They Believe In

Aquarius signs have no trouble fighting for someone or something that they believe in. If this is your zodiac sign, then your greatest success will involve you standing up for something that you believe in, whether personally or professionally. It could be either of those things or even both.

Maybe you get a job helping a cause that you really care about, and you love that every day, you can go into the office and feel like you’re making a difference instead of merely working to pay the bills. While that might not matter to someone else and money might be enough of a motivation to get their butt in gear and to work hard, you want more than that, and you really care.

You want your life to mean something and be special.

You might also help a family member or friend or your partner out in their time of need. Maybe you help your best friend leave a bad relationship behind and have her live with you for a little while, and you help her get back on her feet. This will mean a lot to you, and you’ll be really proud of yourself (as you should be, of course).

23. Aquarius — Defeat: A Friend’s Betrayal

You’re a zodiac sign who doesn’t like when someone promises you something that they either can’t deliver or go back on. You also have trouble talking about your feelings.

The biggest defeat that you’ll experience would most likely be a friend’s betrayal. Since you can’t talk about how you feel, you would take this type of situation really hard, and it would be a real set-back.

This might be a smaller, less important thing, like a friend backing out of a trip that you two agreed you would go on together because she just got fired or she can’t get the time off work, or it’s too busy for her to go on vacation. Sure, that’s not nothing, but it’s not a really big deal, either. To you, though, it’s a massive deal, and you would have trouble forgiving them. Or maybe they betray you in a much bigger, more important way and they promise that you’ll be Maid of Honor at their wedding and then once they get engaged, go back on their word and pick someone else. Or say you’ll be roommates and then you hear that they just rented a place with another friend. These would be terrible things for you to experience.

22. Pisces — Success: Being A Loyal, Sweet Friend People Can Always Count On And Turn To

Pisces is a very emotional and also a very sensitive zodiac sign, so that’s going to play a role in your greatest success. If this is you, then you’ve probably heard your whole life that you’re a really amazing friend. People really appreciate having you around, and they know that it doesn’t get much better than you.

The biggest success that you’ll experience will be being a loyal, sweet friend that people can always count on and turn to.

You know when people say that they have a friend who they could call at 3 in the morning and they would not only answer the phone but rush to help no matter what was going on? That’s totally you, which is definitely something to be proud of since some people can be so selfish and refuse to care about what others are going through.

You might not think that being a good friend matters as much as landing a dream job or getting a huge raise and promotion, but it’s honestly a really big deal.

You’re not selfish, you care about your friends, and you want them to be happy. More than that, you’ll do anything that you can to help them. That’s a huge thing.

21. Pisces — Defeat: Getting Dumped And Having Trouble Moving On

Since you’re such an emotional zodiac sign, that will play a role in your biggest defeat. You’ll go through a really bad breakup and will be the one getting dumped, and it’s going to hit you really hard. More than that, you’ll also have a lot of trouble moving on.

You know the stereotypes of getting dumped? You might actually experience all of them, from crying into a pint of ice cream to asking your girlfriends what you did wrong to staring at photos of the two of you during happier times when you were in love. You won’t be proud of this, but remember that you’re not the only person who was ever been dumped, and you’re definitely not the only person to take it really hard.

While some people can move on from a breakup within months, or even shorter, that won’t be you. You need a lot of time to think about what went wrong, process your emotions, and figure out where to go from here. You’ll have a hard time moving on since you’ll keep wondering if you could get back together since you care so deeply about the people that you interact with, but eventually, you’ll get over this and truly move on.

20. Aries — Success: Starting Their Own Business

Not everyone has the courage or the work ethic that’s necessary to start their own business, but if you’re an Aries sign, then you definitely do. You’re a really organized person and it would be easy for you to find success and start your own business. In fact, this would be your greatest success, and it’ll be something really meaningful to you.

While you might hear some negative feedback from friends and family about starting your own thing, you won’t care what they have to say, and you’ll be excited to get started and prove them wrong.

And, of course, since you’ll find such success with your own business, you’ll absolutely show them that you could do it.

Sure, not everyone can be successful and businesses shut down all the time, but your organization skills give you a leg up and make you very likely to do well. Just think about all the decisions that you have to make as a business owner and all of the things that you have to keep running smoothly. You’ll be awesome at this, though, and people will wonder how you do it. You’ll love hearing the compliments and will be so proud of yourself.

19. Aries — Defeat: Being Fired For Being Too Moody And Too Passionate

While you would be awesome at running your own business and striking out on your own, you might not do so well working for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with that since of course you can do really well being your own boss, and tons of people do that, so it’s not like you’re the only one. But the fact that you would be great as your own boss means that you’re not so great in an office situation.

The greatest defeat that you’ll experience is being fired from a job for being too moody and too passionate.

Sure, sometimes those can be really positive qualities, but you’re going to let the bad parts of your personality shine through at your job at least once, and it won’t go over that well. Maybe your coworkers complain that you’re always in a bad mood and never stop complaining, and eventually, your boss or manager wonders if you even want to be there and if you’re working hard. Or maybe you get so enthusiastic about the projects that you’re working on that you adopt a kind of “my way or the highway” attitude that offends everyone and you become really difficult to deal with.

18. Taurus — Success: Being A Loyal, Loving Girlfriend/Wife

Although you might always hear that you’re super stubborn since you’re a Taurus sign (and you’re probably sick of hearing that), you have some amazing qualities that people should focus on. Your biggest success is the fact that you’re a loyal, loving girlfriend and, later on, a wife (once you meet the right guy and you make it official, of course).

Not everyone can sustain a successful relationship. Maybe they want to focus more on their career and forgo having a love life, or they always mess things up and make the same mistakes over and over again. That’s definitely not the case with you.

You know how to be the best romantic partner ever, and it’s really important to you to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

You would never dream of not being the kindest, most compassionate partner that you could possibly be. Your best friends will always come to you for dating advice, asking how you manage to be so happy and in love, and how you manage to balance your relationship with the rest of your life. It feels pretty effortless to you since having a successful love life is something that means a lot to you, and you think that being loyal is a very important thing.

17. Taurus — Defeat: Making The Wrong Call And Losing A Friend, Partner, Or Job Because Of It

Okay, so the fact that you’re stubborn is going to cause you some pain and suffering, and it will probably contribute to your biggest defeat.

At least once, you’re going to make the wrong decision and that choice is going to affect more than just you. You’ll lose a friend, partner, or job because of it. Maybe you’ll talk to a client at work and tell them something that your boss wouldn’t want you to or would agree with and you get fired. Maybe you try to help a friend out of a bind and end up offending her family or boyfriend and she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. Or maybe you do something that causes your boyfriend to break up with you because he thinks that you betrayed him super hard.

This will really suck because you might wonder if you’re making the right decision but you don’t want to change your mind because of how stubborn you are. You go ahead and do whatever you want… and then you end up hurting someone’s feelings or losing a friend or getting fired or getting dumped. It doesn’t seem fair, but unfortunately, this is just what happens sometimes in life.

16. Gemini — Success: Getting Top Grades And Promotions

Being a Gemini sign means that you learn really quickly. While it might take others hours to pick up on concepts or really understand something, it doesn’t take you very long at all, and that’s definitely a skill that you can use to your advantage. There’s nothing wrong with either way, of course — it just depends on your personality.

Since you can learn so fast, that means that you’ll get top grades while you’re in school and get promotions when you’re a part of the working world, and this is your biggest success ever. Teachers and bosses are impressed with you and think that you’re doing an amazing job. Basically, you find success wherever you go and whatever you do, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

You’ve probably always worked hard and felt good about it, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

You not only learn fast but also are a big fan of education, so it’s no wonder that you always do well, no matter what you do. You definitely don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to be able to get what you want, follow your dreams, and make something of yourself. You know that you can since you’ve always found success.

15. Gemini — Defeat: Being Single When They Don’t Want To Be

Your biggest defeat will be the time that you have to spend single because that’s just the way that things go sometimes. You don’t like being on your own. In fact, you totally and completely hate it.

When you’re single because a relationship ended for whatever reason or because you haven’t met the right person, you really don’t like it. And that’s an understatement. You’re not a zodiac sign that can be alone and be happy about it, and you would feel like you failed.

Some girls are awesome at being single. They enjoy their life, they see friends all the time, they discover new hobbies and things about themselves, and they know that it’s only a matter of time before they find love so they might as well make the most of this stage of their life. Others don’t feel that warm and fuzzy about the single life and basically think that it’s the worst thing ever. That’s you, unfortunately, and you won’t be happy until you’re in a relationship once again (so hopefully it’s a good one because the fact that you don’t like being alone can make you want to date anyone at all… and that’s not the best idea).

14. Cancer — Success: Creating A Family Of Their Own

Cancer signs are homebodies, and they care a lot about family and loyalty and all that good stuff. Your biggest success will be creating a family of your own, and you’ll love nothing more than creating a cozy home base for your little ones and for yourself and your husband. It’s basically your dream and will make you feel so good about yourself and your life.

The moment that you find out that you’re pregnant with your first child will be the best moment of your life (besides maybe your wedding… or when your boyfriend popped the question) and you won’t be able to contain your excitement.

You might have one kid or you might want a few, but either way, you’ll love creating your own family and being a mom.

This might mean that you decide to be a stay-at-home mom which is, of course, a great choice and nothing that you should feel ashamed of. You might decide to work full-time or part-time. It’s all up to you. No matter how you design your life, you’ll feel happy, peaceful, satisfied, and fulfilled knowing that you’ve got a little family of your own and that you’re creating routines and traditions.

13. Cancer — Defeat: Staying Home Too Much And Missing Out On Big Moments

The worst thing about being a homebody is, well, staying home a lot. Sure, you don’t think that there’s anything wrong with this since you would rather sit on your couch and read or watch TV or just hang out with your partner any day. Fancy events and parties aren’t really part of your style and it takes a lot for you to get out.

Because you like to stay home so much, you’re going to miss out on some moments, whether you want to admit it or not, and that’ll be your biggest defeat. You might not think that this is a problem but it can be. Maybe you don’t mind missing your best friend’s housewarming or holiday party because you don’t feel like leaving your house… but she’ll definitely mind and probably be at least a little bit hurt and offended that you don’t want to attend her event. It could cause some tension between the two of you or even make her stop speaking to you for a period of time. And what if something really fun and amazing happens at that party and you missed it because you stayed home?

After you miss a few fun, awesome parties, you might still want to stay home, but maybe you’ll start going out more and realizing that it’s okay to have a balance of being a homebody and being social.

12. Leo — Success: Rising To The Top Of Their Industry

Putting it nicely, Leo signs are confident. Putting it not-so-nicely, Leo signs are conceited. But even if you often hear that you should take things down a notch and be easier to deal with, one thing is for sure: if you’re a Leo, then you’re a good leader and manager.

And that means that you’ll definitely rise to the tops of your industry, and this will be your greatest success. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader or manager. Some people get too shy about talking in front of a big group of people and they don’t want to have the responsibility of running a team or group. Others really love this kind of challenge and love being social, and that’s you.

Since you think highly of yourself and don’t get quiet or nervous or anything like that, you have a lot of advantages when it comes to doing your job, and people will always notice.

Whereas some people think that you’re too stuck up, that attitude is just right for managing a team and believing that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Things should go just fine (as long as you’re polite, of course).

11. Leo — Defeat: Insulting A Close Friend Or Boyfriend

You don’t mince words or get nervous about sharing your feelings and opinions, and while that can be a good thing, it’s mostly a bad thing when it comes to your personal relationships. The biggest defeat that you’ll experience is being so honest and confident that you end up insulting someone close to you, like a close friend or your boyfriend.

Maybe you tell your boyfriend that you’re just not into his new haircut and he gets so hurt and offended that he doesn’t talk to you for a few days. You might not understand what you did wrong and maybe you won’t even think that you did anything wrong at all, but he’ll definitely wonder why you had to be so bold and honest. Or maybe you’ll talk to your best friend about her relationship and give her some advice that she just doesn’t want to hear, even if you’re totally right.

The tricky thing here is that you’re so used to speaking your mind that you don’t ever want to stop, but if you hurt people who are close to you and who you care about, is it really worth it? You’ll probably realize that, nope, it’s not, and sometimes it’s best to stay silent or tell a little white lie.

10. Virgo — Success: Working Super Hard And Getting Their Dream Because Of It

As a Virgo sign, you have a bunch of positive personality traits, and the fact that you have an amazing work ethic is at the top of the list, for sure! This is something that you have always had, maybe even since kindergarten, and it is definitely something to be proud of.

No matter what you want — from a dream job, getting into grad school, starting your own business, saving up money to buy a condo or even a house — you’re going to get it because of how hard you work. And that will absolutely be your biggest accomplishment and the biggest success that you experience.

You might shrug the praise and congrats off because you figure that of course you’re going to work hard and you’re just doing what you’re supposed to do, which is part of your nature as well since you’re a bit on the shy and quiet side.

But it’s definitely something to celebrate since not everyone can say that they worked hard and followed their dreams… and got them, too.

It’s honestly a really big deal and you should always feel that way, even if you’re not exactly one to pat yourself on the back.

9. Virgo — Defeat: Getting Rejected At Work Or Personally Because Of Their Shy, Quiet Nature

Since you can be a bit shy and quiet (either in big groups or all the time, depending), that will most likely cause you some strife and pain at least once in your life. It’s possible that you might face rejection because of this.

Maybe you miss out on a promotion because you don’t speak up enough in meetings and your boss doesn’t think that you can have a management or leadership position, or maybe you have trouble getting a job because of your manner during interviews. Maybe you get rejected in your personal life because you’re too shy to have fun on dates and show off your real personality and that makes people unsure if you really like them.

While this definitely sucks and it would be awesome if this didn’t happen, it’s good to remember that everyone makes mistakes and everyone has their struggles. While your quiet personality might not always get you what you want, you have so many other amazing qualities, and you’re going to find your place both professionally and personally. It just might take a bit of hard work and effort (but, hey, you have the best work ethic ever, so that’s not going to be a problem for you).

8. Libra — Success: Staying Calm And Chill At Work And In Social Situations

As a Libra, you’re really good at staying calm and chill, particularly when you’re in the middle of a stressful situation, and particularly when no one else is acting that way. It might not even occur to you that it’s possible to get upset in these types of situations because that’s just not how you roll.

People are totally envious of you and wish that they could be as chill as you are.

Maybe your team is staring down a huge deadline at work and no one can wrap their heads around how they’re going to get everything done in time. That’s where you come in. You’re really good at taking a deep breath and figuring out what needs to be done. That’s a super admirable quality since most people won’t act that way.

Or maybe you’re at your best friend’s birthday party and she forgot to get even food and drinks for everyone, or she runs out of water bottles, or any number of things has gone wrong. Everyone is upset and freaking out but you can totally keep a clear head throughout the entire evening and help her out. It’s no wonder you’re so popular since you can always keep a cool head and get people out of a jam.

7. Libra — Defeat: Not Being Able To Let Go Of Anger/Forgive Someone

While you’re as chill a person as it’s possible to be, that’s not always the case… at least not when you’re mad at someone or they want your forgiveness. This is just not in your wheelhouse and forgiveness is not your middle name (or any of your names).

You’re a zodiac sign who finds it super tough to forgive and move on from hurt and hard feelings. This is your biggest defeat since this will mean that you waste a lot of time being mad at a friend or family member. You might even lose a boyfriend because of how mad you are about something that might not even matter that much within the grand scheme of things.

While you shouldn’t have to forgive someone who did something that was truly terrible, the same can’t be said when someone didn’t mean to hurt you or do anything wrong. Hopefully, you can learn to forgive and maybe not forget but at least not allow this to ruin your relationships because it’s a real shame when family members or friends don’t talk for a long period of time. And if you miss out on someone who could be an amazing romantic partner because of your inability to forgive or stop being angry, that’s not great, either.

6. Scorpio — Success: Getting Anything That They Want/Making It Happen

Scorpio signs are pretty cool and amazing since they’re go-getter types who make things happen. Your biggest success will be getting anything that you want.

This could mean having a crush on someone and asking them out, and not only having them say yes but having it be a real love story. You two will fall in love, move in together really quickly, get engaged, and basically live happily ever after (and, yes, your friends will probably hate you for this… at least, they will feel that way inside but might not tell you to your face). This could mean that you go after your dream career and when you don’t get it, you start your own business and soon are so successful you feel like you’re doing better than if you had gotten a position at a company.

Most people like to sit back and wait for things to happen to them because it’s easier and involves less work and effort — that’s just not you.

Since you’re a go-getter, you much prefer to get out there and make stuff happen, and that’s a really amazing quality to have. Even if some people tell you to slow your roll or calm down, you know that you’re following your heart and doing what you want.

5. Scorpio — Defeat: Getting Broken Up With Because Of Jealousy

On the other hand, being a Scorpio sign means that you’re a very jealous person… and, well, as you can probably tell, that’s not the best news. While this is never a positive trait to have, it’s the worst news ever for your love life.

Since you’re such a jealous person, that’s going to affect your relationships. Your biggest defeat will be getting dumped because of your jealousy problem. While you might not want to admit to yourself or other people that that’s the reason why your boyfriend broke up with you, that’ll be the honest truth. He might not even tell you that this is why you can’t be together at first but he’ll eventually let you know.

Maybe you can learn from this experience and stop acting this way so your next relationship will be better, and maybe you weren’t meant to be with that person and this is the lesson that you were meant to learn from them. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, and you just have to be self-aware and make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Since you probably want to find love and you would rather not get dumped every time because you acted like a green-eyed monster, it’s definitely something to look at.

4. Sagittarius — Success: Building A Life Full Of Adventures

Sagittarius signs are all about travel, having fun, and creating their own life. There are usually two options when you graduate from high school or college/university: follow the path that your parents and everyone else want and expects you to follow… or strike out on your own. You’ll definitely be all about the latter option, no matter what people tell you.

Your biggest success will be building a life full of adventures. You don’t want a cookie-cutter routine or job or relationship.

You want to, well, do what you want, enjoy every day, and travel.

Whether you get a job that allows you to travel and see the world, or you carve a lot of trips and vacation time into your schedule, that’ll depend. But adventure will basically be your middle name along with your biggest success.

When you live this way, a lot of people that you know aren’t a big fan of your adventurous personality, and they’re always asking you why you can’t be “normal” and be like everyone else. You won’t care, and it’ll go in one ear and out the other for sure. People can judge you and say whatever they want to you. You’re definitely not going to change.

3. Sagittarius — Defeat: Missing Out On Love Because Of Wanting To Travel So Much

Your biggest defeat as a Sagittarius will also be related to your love of travel, fun, and adventure. While some people think that finding love and getting married is a priority and they care a lot about that, that’s not even remotely close to something that you care about. You would rather travel, see as much as you can, and enjoy yourself. Love just isn’t on your list of dreams that you want to make happen.

Unfortunately, that means that you’ll miss out on love and won’t have that in your life. That will be your biggest defeat. Sure, you might not care when you’re young and in your 20’s. You’ll figure that you have so much time to date and that you’d rather not do that now, but you’ll realize that by the time you reach your 30’s, people that you know have settled down and found the right person. You won’t have anyone to share your life with.

You might not think that you can find love and have adventures, but you totally can. You don’t have to give up on finding that special someone just because you want to live a fun, unconventional life, and you’ll be happier if you can have everything that you want.

2. Capricorn — Success: Finding A Good Person To Marry

You’re all about finding that special someone and getting married, so you’re basically the opposite of a Sagittarius. To you, nothing is more important than love, and that’s what you want. You’re the kind of person who believes that your wedding day is going to be the best one that you’ve ever had, and hopefully you won’t turn into a Bridezilla because that’s a surefire way to lose friends and make everyone hate you a lot… but you just might have some of those tendencies.

Hey, you can’t help it — your wedding day is going to be a super big deal and it’s something that you care a lot about.

Your biggest success in life and the thing that makes you the happiest and the proudest? That would be when you find a good person to marry. The day that your boyfriend slips that diamond ring on your finger and becomes your fiance will be the happiest ever… except for your wedding day, which will be even better.

You’re probably the person that all of your friends go to for advice since you’ve been there, done that when it comes to dating, falling in love, getting engaged, and getting married.

1. Capricorn — Defeat: Insisting On Things Being Done A Certain Way/According To Tradition And Hurting Someone’s Feelings

One trait of a Capricorn is loving tradition, and while that means that getting married is super important to you, it also means that you might experience your biggest defeat based on this personality quality.

You’re going to insist that things are done a certain way and according to tradition, and it will probably hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe you’ll get into a tiff with a coworker because they want to change how you celebrate birthdays at the office and you’re all, “No, that’s not possible because that’s not how we do things here” and you hurt her feelings and offend her. Or maybe you want things done a certain way for your wedding and end up upsetting your parents, other family members, your fiance, or your fiance’s family. Oops. You could also go a bit crazy during Thanksgiving or Christmas, or maybe you throw a Halloween party every year, and you just want things to be perfect (or at least, perfect according to you).

Maybe eventually, you’ll realize that following tradition doesn’t matter if people are mad at you and upset with you… but until then, this will be your worst personality trait for sure and something that you want to be careful with.