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Teenager Gets Praised By Cop After Helping An Old Lady Through The Rain


Tyrea is a fourteen-year-old boy with a big heart. He is the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice on helping someone else that might be in a difficult situation. He has proved this.

One day, after doing the groceries with his mother, they were loading them in the car. It was a rainy day. Tyrea saw an old lady from afar who was struggling to get into the car. Without thinking, he ran in the rain and held his coat over the pants so he could see her again and helped him into the car.

She thanked him and left. Tyrea got into the car with her mother and, as soon as they left, officer Holt pulled her out. Mother Tyreas was scared.

But Officer Holt had no bad intentions. He approached them and praised the young man for his action. He thanked Tyrea’s mother for raising him in a righteous way. They also left by car. But Agent Holt felt he could do more to thank them. So, he posted the story on Facebook and after sharing it, she joined the family of Tyrea.


The officer offered to take him to Red Lobster to say thank you. Sometimes when you do good to others, it’s up to you.

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