Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.



A goal that you may have been working toward for a long time might still seem very distant right now, Taurus. Therefore, today you could actually find yourself giving up on it. This doesn’t imply that what you want will never happen. In fact, sometimes letting go of a dream can actually cause it to manifest. Remember this when you start to brood on your lack of success so far. All is not hopeless!


Although it is great to get on well with a loved one, a degree of conflict has the effect of spicing things up, and can also be very creative. The current position of the planets offers an opportunity to disagree in such a way that you both benefit from the exchange. You could find that not only is the air cleared, but quite a few obstacles as well.


Make an adventurous leap forward today. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Big risk brings big reward. At the current time you may not feel that you are on totally stable ground with your career but this is fine. Take a deep breath and go for it.


A “hot under the collar” feeling might plague you today. Working out your own health regimen is very challenging. There is an initial phase of voices inside the head saying things like, “Feed me ice cream or I will hate you!” and, “I’m too tired to exercise!” With practice you will learn to calm them down with, “You will feel better and it won’t take that long!” and, “I’d rather you eat this fruit salad with fresh raspberry sauce.” Yum!

Source: horoscope.com