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Taurus 2018 Horoscope


Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope

Jupiter starts 2018 in your relationship sector, a continuation from October of 2017 that lasts until November 2018, and brings his expansive and beneficial energy to your relationships. You can meet new people, enjoy spending time with loved ones, and improve your relationships, especially as the year begins with Mars in your relationship sector in January. It might be a little more pressing in October when Venus is retrograde (appearing to move backward) in your relationship sector, and you may have a harder time getting along with others and experience issues come up in your relationships. It can be good to reconnect with people from the past, but they may not stick around too long past the retrograde. Mercury retrogrades in your relationship sector the first week of December, and you may have some communication issues with the people in your life at that time, so work on listening more.

When Jupiter leaves your relationship sector in early November, he’ll move into your intimacy sector, and you can work on growing closer with the people in your life and having stronger emotional bonds with the people you care about. Mars is in this sector late January through mid-March, so you can get started early in the year and strive to connect. Mercury retrogrades in this sector early in Jupiter’s stay here though, for the second half of November, and you may have difficulty feeling as connected as you want to be, or feel too connected and need more space.

Taurus 2018 Career Horoscope

The February 15th solar eclipse occurs in your career and goals sector, and this can be a great time to work harder with your career, make strides with your goals, and set new goals. You can be more enthusiastic about your path, can embark on a new direction, and can take advantage of opportunities to achieve your goals and make things happen. All of your hard and smart work can culminate with the July 27th lunar eclipse in your career and goals sector, and you can be rewarded for hard and smart work, and experience a little success.

Mars is in your career and goals sector starting mid-May, and through June, you can feel more hard-working, disciplined, and focused, but you may want to work hard to make things happen or set yourself up for later since Mars will retrograde in this sector late June through mid-August. At that point, you may need to reassess, go back over your long-term plans, and you may experience setbacks if you haven’t been doing things the right way or aren’t really passionate about what you’re doing. Mars goes back into your career and goals sector mid-September to mid-November, and you can focus on getting back on track and making greater strides.

Venus retrogrades in your work sector the first week of November, and this may be a time when you’re taking on too much work, or you want to avoid work completely, feeling that you need a break. If you’ve been working yourself hard throughout the year, a short break might be the right idea.

Taurus 2018 Home and Family Horoscope

A lunar eclipse occurs in your home and family sector on January 31st, and this may be a time when you’re much more concerned with matters at home or with family. You can focus more on the issues that need to be addressed and problems that need to be worked on, and you can work to try and eliminate the difficulties. It can be a good time to let go of issues with family or at home, and work to form a better relationship with family or have a better home base. A solar eclipse occurs in this sector August 11th, and that can be a great time for enthusiasm and excitement at home or with family. You can plan a family gathering, make improvements to your home, move, or give support to your loved ones.

The problem time for the year may be late July through mid-August when Mercury is retrograde in your home and family sector. You can experience little problems come up at home, like leaking faucets and sparking outlets, or issues with your family, particular miscommunications and fights. Work to be more expressive with your emotions in a clear, non-combative way, and listen to your family more.

Taurus 2018 Mental State Horoscope

The July 12th solar eclipse occurs in one of your sectors of the mind, and you can come up with new ideas, feel more enthusiastic about the ideas you have, and can be more expressive and open with what’s on your mind. Mars is in the other sector ruling the mind mid-March through mid-May, and this can be a good time for big ideas and bold plans. Mars retrogrades in this sector the second half of August though, so you may need to re-work your plans and tweak your ideas to be more realistic. Mars stays in this sector to mid-September, so you can work on making the most of opportunities to pursue your ideas, especially if they expand your life in new ways. With Pluto and Saturn in this sector, expansion is important, but you need to do so in a responsible way.

Uranus is at the end of his time in the sector ruling your subconscious mind, staying here until mid-May and coming back in November to the end of the year, and this has been a time for you to work on your subconscious issues, motivations, and desires, but it unconventional ways, and to open yourself up spiritually. That can start wrapping up now, but you may need to work on some of the final issues or blocks when Mercury is retrograde in this sector the end of March to Mid-April.

Taurus 2018 General Horoscope

You have one really big astrological event occurring in 2018, Taurus, as Uranus begins to tour your sign. Uranus spends a long time in one sign, usually 7-8 years, so this can be a big period that starts in 2018 for change for you. Uranus is the planet of change, and you can focus on making some changes in your life or with yourself, shaking things up or shifting your perspective. You can feel it in a subtle way as soon as Uranus enters Taurus in mid-May (and remains until early November), though those of you born April 24th and earlier may be the ones really getting the brunt of the change energy in 2018. But Taurus gets some of it no matter what, so start thinking about the changes you’d like to make to improve your life and work on your plans so you can make the most of this time.

Neptune also remains in your friendship sector in 2018, and you can be more compassionate and understanding with your friends, do more to help others, and feel more charitable. This position also helps you to be more open to the change that Uranus wants, and your intuition can help guide you when you’re uncertain of where to focus.

Your ruler, Venus, is also retrograde October to mid-November in 2018, so this may be a period when you not only deal with issues in your relationships (in October) and with work (first half of November), but also feel off in a subtle way throughout the retrograde. Give yourself more time, space, and get some extra rest.

Source: thedarkpixieastrology.com