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Sagittarius Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility


The Taurus is a collector. He likes to collect friends. He likes to collect lovers. He likes to collect victories and accomplishments throughout his life. The Taurus is very ambitious. He’s a firm believer that the biggest project in life is to start with something or nothing and end up with more.

This is quiet admirable because for the most part, it’s easy to look at life as just this process that’s playing out and really lose yourself into it that there’s really no agenda.
That there’s really no map. A Taurus has to have a map. The Taurus is very goal driven. The Taurus doesn’t just feel lost when he doesn’t have his materialist map. He would feel that there’s no purpose in life.

Without this purpose, it is very easy to see a Taurus act in a completely un-Taurus manner-restless, directionless, lacking drive, lacking ambition. To say that goals make the Taurus is quite an understatement.

All this focus on direction and a materialist-driven map is partly why the Taurus is quite appreciative and attractive to the Sagittarius woman.

The Sagittarius woman is very social. She knows how to work a crowd. She can get along with pretty much all individuals. Throw her in any type of social situation and she will do well. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that she will run the show, but she will do well. This is quite a marked contrast with other signs of the horoscope.

This is very interesting to the Taurus man because he looks at her as a trophy. Her ability to get along with other people is a positive social aspect and the Taurus sees this as enhancing him.

Of course there is a genuine emotional attraction, but paired up with this social aspect, the Sagittarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility has a status elements for the Taurus man.

The Sagittarius female brings a level of social stature which the Taurus craves.


Taurus signs are very materialistic. They look at material things and they are more than happy with them. They look at the world in purely material perspectives, and from a purely materialist perspective, you want good looking people around you.

You want to be seen with a good looking person. You want to go to a big house. You want to live in a nice part of town. You want to drive in a nice big luxury car. You want the good things in life. This is why Taurus people prefer attractive people.

Attractiveness however can be defined in many ways. You may not be physically attractive or appealing but you can have a very magnetic personality. That works just as well for the Taurus. You may not necessarily be a looker but may cut a dashing pose when it comes to society’s who’s who.

This can be quite intoxicating to the Taurus. Regardless, the Taurus craves to be surrounded by attractive people. They tend to dwell on appearances. Not just physical appearances but also social appearances.


The big danger to Sagittarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility is for the Taurus man to look at the Sagittarius woman as some sort of social accessory. This is always a bad idea.

There is a saying about “the trophy wife”. Talk about a disservice to the wife. You shouldn’t collect trophies. Your friends are ends in of themselves. In other words, they are worth being friends with because of who they are.

Regardless of the fact that they may not have any money. They may not have any social stature. In fact, they may be even ridiculed, hated, or marginalized. It doesn’t matter. They are valuable in of themselves and unfortunately, the Taurus man missed the memo regarding this.

A key challenge to Sagittarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility is for the Sagittarius to make it clear that she brings more the table than just physical and social appearance.

Both partners really need to work on this assumption; otherwise the Taurus conception of his partner can really degrade Sagittarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility.

Interestingly enough, the Sagittarius won’t have a problem with this, at least initially. An immature or unpolished Sagittarius tends to remain fairly shallow.

It is not uncommon for a Sagittarius to be known by and know a lot of people, but at the end of the day, this person would be struggling to find one person that he or she can pour her heart out to.


Don’t get me wrong. There’s two sides of the equation here: While the Taurus man tends to reduce his partner to a trophy, the Sagittarius woman isn’t exactly blameless.

Her issue is that she is afraid of commitment, at least at the early stage. In fact, there may be a lack of commitment and she might even struggle to trust her Sagittarius man.

This is due to the fact that the Sagittarius is a social creature. She knows she has options. In many cases, she may be more comfortable keeping the relationship at the superficial level. Both parties have to work through that lack of commitment because real progress in relationship can only be made once both partners commit.

The Taurus man can be changed. The Sagittarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility can be maximized however this can only happen after the Sagittarius has committed. Once the Sagittarius has committed, she can then give the project of helping the Taurus man evolve emotionally its proper share of time and space.

This match up can lead to a win-win situation that benefits both partners tremendously. Most importantly, when both partners mature some more, this can be a relationship that leads to all sorts of victories. We’re not just talking about financial gain or social stature.

Indeed, Sagittarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility can lead to a relationship in which both partners feel they are living their emotional and spiritual lives to the fullest.