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Only 1 in 7 get this right: Can you find the mistake in this picture?


Can you find the mistake within ten seconds?

Okay, here comes the challenge, it is a mystery that has made thousands of people online scratch their heads.

There is a mistake in the picture below.

Your task is to find the mistake within ten seconds, and if you succeed, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Only one in seven people can find it!

Did you see it? If you need a clue, try to look at the whole picture and not just where you think the mistake is.




The correct answer

Below this picture, we’ll show the solution to those who didn’t succeed.

The mistake in the picture is not in the numbers. But in the question itself.

The word “the” is written twice. However, the numbers are in the correct order!

Hard to notice, right?

There Is Only 1 Mistake In This Illustration! Can You Find It In 5 Seconds?

Only sharp minds can solve these riddles. Let’s find out if you have a sharp mind!!

All you have to do is to look for something wrong in the below photos. Are you ready? Let’s start!


Though this question is quite easy if you still haven’t come up with a solution! then we are here to help!

Got into thinking!! Can’t come with correct answer instantly! Don’t you worry! We are here to help!






Do you need a little help? Maybe a hind or so!!

Hint: it is important to notice objects placed on the table!

Well if you still haven’t come up with an answer! Here it is!


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