Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.



A trip that you wanted to take may have to be postponed, Leo, probably for financial reasons. You’ll want to make the journey in the company of someone who’s financially strapped right now. This could be disappointing, but remember that this is only a delay. You’ll be able to have your vacation at a later date. Don’t be afraid to start making the arrangements. By that time, your friend should have the money.


You may find relationships a little on the dry side today. If you are looking for that special kind of deep emotional bonding, you may not get it, but you will be able to enjoy any social occasion that you attend. And while love may not come dancing along and sweep you off your feet, you could entertain yourself with some playful flirting to tide you over.


If you are looking for a new job, today is a good day for you to get out there. Go door to door. Present yourself in person. Meet with friends for lunch. Overall, you need to go out and network. Interacting with others will bring opportunities.


You look like you have a lot on your mind, even when you don’t! This is a good reason to involve yoga in your health routine. Yoga is good for the body, but it is essentially designed to calm the mind so that the spirit can be more present. The practice of yoga has many schools – one is certainly right for you. If you want to explore them, there are many introductory classes available, you just need to make an effort to look at their schedule. Try it out – a wonderful new experience may be waiting for you!

Source: horoscope.com