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Leo 2018 Horoscope


Leo 2018 Love Horoscope

Mars is in your love sector late January to mid-March, bringing greater driven and focus on love in your life. You can work on being more loving and affectionate, sharing the love you feel, and being more romantic. If in a relationship, you can make it feel like it did when you first met, and if single, you can play the field. Jupiter enters this sector in early November, and you’ll have one year to expand the love in your life and be more playful and joyful, but to start, Mercury will be retrograde (appearing to move backward) in your love sector the second half of November, so you may have to deal with communication issues with loved ones and misunderstandings first.

Mars is in your relationship sector starting mid-May, bringing more energy and importance to your relationships and the people in your life, but is retrograde in this sector late June to mid-August, which can bring out problems with the people in your life and in your relationships. Take the time to work on problems and improve your connection so you’re more committed coming out of the retrograde. Mars is back in this sector in early September to mid-November, and you can focus on making sure you’re committed to the people you care about. A solar eclipse occurs on February 15th in this sector, and you can enter into a new relationship or partnership, and give support to loved ones if they’re presented with new opportunities. A lunar eclipse occurs in this sector July 27th, during the Mars retrograde, and this can be the time when you’re most concerned or stressed out or dealing with problems in your relationships or with someone in your life.

Neptune remains in your intimacy sector all year, and you can work on having a stronger spiritual connection within your intimate relationships. Mars is in this sector mid-November through the end of the year, so you can focus on having stronger emotional bonds with others, and want to feel like you have a soul bond as well.

Leo 2018 Career Horoscope

Uranus begins to dance in your career and goals sector in 2018, entering this sector briefly mid-May to early November. This is the start of a new transit, and you’ll get change energy professionally moving forward. You can work on new goals, put yourself on a new path or take a new direction, or seek a career change. What you think you want can change, and you may not know what it is you’ll want right now. It’ll just come to you.

This year is a big year for you with work, as Saturn and Pluto are both in your work sector all year. You can take more work on and feel more under pressure, and may need to work on doing work that you love and are passionate about. If you’re not passionate about what you do, that can become much worse this year, and you can crave more change. Mars is in this sector starting mid-March through mid-May, bringing more energy and attention to your goals, direction, and career, and retrogrades in this sector the second half of August, which is the time of year you can feel the least connected to what you’re doing if you don’t care for it. You may want to enact a change at that point, but don’t rush into anything you haven’t done your homework with yet. Make sure you’ve got all of your ducks in a row and don’t act impulsively if you do make a change. Mars is in this sector until early September, and you can focus on getting on the right path.

Leo 2018 Home and Family Horoscope

Jupiter remains in your home and family sector through early November, bringing positive and beneficial energy to your home and family life. You can improve your living situation, make a move, redecorate or renovate, or plan for more time with family, working on being more supportive and encouraging, and wanting more support and comfort from them. Mars is in this sector to start the year in January, so this is when you can get the best energy to focus on matters at home and with family. Venus retrogrades in this sector in October, and you may have a hard time getting along with family, having patience, and can lack love for your home. Try to give yourself some emotional comfort. Mercury retrogrades in this sector in the first week of December, and you may see little things go wrong at home or have misunderstandings and fights with family. Work to be more patient and listen.

Jupiter enters the sector ruling your children in early November, so if you have kids, this can bring good energy to your relationship with them, and you can work to grow closer and improve your connection with them. They may be presented with more opportunities over the year, and you can help them get attention and be in the spotlight. Mars is in this sector late January to mid-March, and they may have more energy and drive, and can be a little more rebellious, so try to give them the room to be themselves. Mercury retrogrades in this sector the second half of November, and they may get on your nerves a bit and push back against you, but they may just be looking for more attention from you.

Leo 2018 Mental State Horoscope

Uranus is ending his time in one of the sectors ruling the mind this year, staying here to mid-May and coming back for one last round starting in early November. This transit has helped you to open your mind, have new experiences, and step outside of your comfort zones in ways that have helped you learn and grow. Mercury retrogrades in this sector late March to mid-April, and this can be a good time to revisit places you’ve been, things you’ve learned, go back to school, and review what you’ve come to understand. Venus retrogrades in the other sector ruling the mind the first half of November, and this can be another good time to revisit, though you may prefer to just give your mind a rest.

The July 12th solar eclipse occurs in the sector ruling your subconscious mind, and this can be a great eclipse to focus on the past and move on, work on subconscious issues and baggage and let it go, and eliminate some of what’s been holding you back. You can deal with these things with a better approach and more positive outlook, and can feel ready to work

Leo 2018 General Horoscope

The super good for you in 2018 is you’ve got a lunar eclipse in your sign on January 31st, and a solar eclipse in your sign on August 11th. The lunar eclipse can heighten your emotions and bring more focus on what you’ve been doing right and wrong, so you can make progress and experience success if you’ve been smart and working hard and been responsible, or you can experience setbacks and delays if you haven’t been, or you haven’t cared for what you’re working on. The solar eclipse is usually a great time to work on new projects, new beginnings, new journeys and new opportunities, BUT this solar eclipse occurs while Mercury is also retrograde in your sign, which is late July to mid-August.

SO it’s really best for second chances, and anything you’ve been wanting to take a second chance with but haven’t done so yet, you can focus on doing so then. The energy can be excellent for a second chance, so think long and hard about what you’d like another shot at. But do know that during the retrograde, you may feel quite off, and can see a lot of little things go wrong and feel extra stressed, so be patient with yourself and don’t take on too much. Those of you Leos born August 14th – 17th can feel the start of the retrograde most in late July, and those of you Leos born August 2nd – 5th can feel the end of the retrograde most in mid-August.

Source: thedarkpixieastrology.com