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How He Will Break Your Heart Based On His Zodiac


If you have ever had your heart broken you know how painful it can be especially when it comes from someone you cared so deeply about. Heartbreak is something I wouldn’t ever wish upon even my worst enemy, unfortunately, it is something you cannot avoid and most of us have experienced it at one point in our lives.

I’ve been told that heartbreak is an experience that ultimately helps you grow; emotionally and mentally. But that does not make it any easier, as you knew things wouldn’t last forever but you also didn’t think things would end either. The truth is, no matter how much you or other people prepare you or if you even believe you are prepared for heartbreak, it also seems to appear out of nowhere and pretty much physically takes the wind out of us.

We try our best to salvage the relationship, and especially women, we try to find a reason– why did he just lose interest? Was it something I did? We try to figure out if there is a way to stop the break up from happening– but unfortunately, there isn’t a way. As usually, it isn’t your fault or his fault, sometimes things just happen and you can’t explain it. But maybe the zodiacs can help explain it– whether you believe in astrology or not, there are things that the signs can help with. Maybe by having knowledge of how he will break your heart based on his sign would help make the heartbreak hurt a little less? It is worth the try, here is how he will break your heart according to his zodiac sign, good luck!

Aries: Direct and Fast

Have you ever felt as if you were falling head over heels down a flight of stairs and there was absolutely no one there to pull you back up? Well, that is exactly how an Aries will break your heart. He won’t hesitate for one moment, it will be fast and it will be direct. Considering the fact that an Aries man loves having control, he won’t waste any time breaking your heart and he won’t really think about your feelings at all– he is only thinking of what is best for him. Chances are that he just got bored with you or he found someone new, either way, he is done with you. When an Aries is done, there is no going back. He doesn’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t want to fix things, in fact, he believes the spark is gone and there’s nothing left to do but walk away. Once he has lost interest it is very difficult for him to muster up any ounce of interest in trying to fix the issue and he doesn’t want to rekindle the spark either. Aries is a chaser, so when he breaks your heart he won’t be back to mend it– as he is already moving on to his next target. Once he breaks your heart it will be the definite no-turning-back attitude that he portrays that will hurt you the most.

Taurus: Put you on the sideline against his vanity

Taurus are extremely self-centered, they believe they are the most important person in the world– and the most important person to them is themselves. Which is why relationships are never easy for a Taurus, as most people won’t put up with someone who is more into themselves than into their partner. This will lead to a major breakup and in the end, will hurt you the most because it isn’t that he found someone new or was bored in the relationship– it is because he loves himself more than he loves you. A Taurus will make you feel inferior, he will sideline you all the time against his vanity. Once a Taurus starts to put himself first, it will slowly but surely chip away at your relationship. He will be so consumed with himself, he won’t make any effort to make things work with you. The thing that will hurt you the most is that a Taurus man is so incredibly stubborn that he will refuse to fight for your relationship and will choose to just let it all go.

Gemini: He will draw out breaking your heart

If you thought that an Aries breakup was fast, well a Gemini man will break your heart just the opposite. Which is almost more painful than just being done– it is like avoiding ripping off a band-aid and you do it so slowly that it hurts more than if you were to just rip it off. It is like watching something tragic happen in slow-motion– having your heart broken in slow motion is the worst. A Gemini man is a fickle lover, as he will go back and forth trying to figure out the relationship and what he really wants. And if you assume that once he breaks up with you, he is gone from your life, you’re wrong. As a Gemini will keep coming in and out, and generally they will stay for awhile until they find something or someone else that catches their attention. A Gemini man possesses a wavering mind, he will most likely be texting and calling you and possibly want to discuss getting back together or any other options really. Sadly, a Gemini will draw out breaking your heart, so you will feel as if the pain never really goes away for you. And while you’re hurting, he will act as if the pain never existed as he will broadcast all over social media how amazing his life is without you and it will look like he is having the time of his life, even if he isn’t.

Cancer: He will drag out the relationship even when it’s over

Cancer men don’t do well with breakups and the way he will break your heart is by you having to see him in a complete mess. He will most likely want you to be there for him which makes things harder. When couples break up, then avoid all contact to make things easier to move on, but when your ex is clingy to you still, you become incapable of moving on which only breaks your heart more. It hurts when you hurt someone you love, as most likely, a Cancer man won’t be the one to end the relationship first. He is sensitive yet he keeps his feelings under lock and key. Once you two break up he will expect you to lend your shoulder to cry on– this is bad, he will cling to the relationship aspect for as long as he can even if you two are over. The truth is, a Cancer man has zero issue showing his emotions, and seeing them in so much pain will leave your heart a wreck. The only way to avoid heartbreak is to make sure you run far away from him once the relationship is over, by sticking around to make sure he is okay will only hurt you in the end.

Leo: He will jump into another relationship right away

Have you ever wondered once you two break up and your ex starts dating another girl, chances are she was there all along? Leo’s are notorious for jumping into one relationship after the other– they cannot stay single for long.  A Leo is obsessed with the limelight, so they most likely will enjoy making a scene in public, a full-blown break up in front of everyone. Which could be extremely hurtful and embarrassing for you. A Leo man is way too flirtatious, they lack the ability to stay in any relationship for too long– and most likely, he has a “side-chick” just waiting for things to be over before she swoops in. Considering the fact that Leos have many admirers, he will most likely have a new relationship before you have time to even process that your heart has just been ripped out. And you will find yourself analyzing every aspect of your relationship believing that you must have done something wrong, but you didn’t.

Virgo: His career will come before you

We all know how important a career is and we support each other on making those goals and dreams come true. We all understand that in a relationship work can become a priority, but you should be capable of making time. Unless you are a Virgo man, where their priority is work and often, the relationship isn’t really an option. The worst part about a Virgo man is that he most likely won’t even realize that he is hurting you, he gets so into his work that often he does not notice that he is slowly paying less and less attention to you. Because he isn’t aware of what he is doing, the break up might be a slow and steady pace. Sadly, the way this Earth sign will break your heart is by being married to his carried, he is more in love with his job than you, so the truth is, if you are not this Virgo man’s job then most likely he won’t be coming back for you.

Libra: Lack of attention leads him to walk away

A Libra man won’t ever lead you on as the last thing he wants to do is break your heart, on the other hand, if he feels that the relationship has come to a halt he will not hesitate to end things. He does not really see himself staying in the relationship for long if he believes he isn’t getting the attention that he deserves. A Libra is a gentle person, he loves hard but he also can get insecure from time to time. If he notices that slightest distance between you two if he thinks he isn’t getting the right amount of attention from you, he refuses to be platonic in the relationship. Truth is, a Libra man does not have a clue what he wants out of life, his career, even relationships– he will second guess everything including you and ultimately will end up breaking your heart now and even later on. The plus side to a break up, though, is Libra’s make the best of exes. Crazy as that sounds, once you get over the heartbreak things won’t be so bad.

Scorpio: It’ll be his words that hurt you

If you have ever been in love with a Scorpio you know that they love intensely and they show their anger intensely. The Scorpion male is definitely one you do not want to get into a fight with– most people say that actions speak louder than words, well for a Scorpio man he is very good with his words. In fact, if you two argue or if you disagree with anything he says he will lash out at you and it isn’t his actions that will hurt you the most, it will be his incredibly hurtful words that ultimately break your heart. Scorpios are possessive and then will most likely try and control you. He believes he doesn’t need to be tied down to just one woman, and this will break your heart too, as he believes he has too many options. So if you do anything that pushes a Scorpio male away, he won’t hesitate to just walk away completely– but first, he might throw some spiteful words your way.

Sagittarius: He will just leave without an explanation

Sagittarius are notorious for being wanderers, they are constantly exploring and looking for something better out there. Sometimes when you have issues brewing in your relationship, you won’t see it coming but one day you will come home and all his stuff will be packed and he will just be gone. You won’t even have time to understand it. He lives in a world where the ladies are very fond of him, as he is charming with his words, but ladies, they are just counterfeit promises and he won’t be there to actually help you achieve your goals. He will come and go as he pleases, which will ultimately break your heart because no matter how good you are to him if he isn’t satisfied he won’t stay long. And if you two have been fighting he will immediately feel the need to hit the road and run away from any feelings. He will break your heart when he meets someone new because he won’t even say goodbye to you, he will just move on as a Sagittarius man is extremely hasty with his decisions.

Capricorn: He is still in love with his Ex

The worst feeling ever is when you realize that you are just second best to him. That is how a Capricorn man is, he most likely rushed into a relationship because he doesn’t want to be alone, only he isn’t completely over his ex. And honestly, the problem isn’t you, it’s him. Because most likely, if issues are coming up in your relationship it is because chances are he never fully got over his ex. It can be difficult trying to give your heart to someone when it is already invested in someone else– that is how a Capricorn will most likely break your heart. Because he is so in love with the idea of what he and his ex had, that he will compare you and any other relationship until he can come to peace with his last relationship. Capricorn men hold their exes up on a pedestal. And ladies, you cannot compete with a ghost with a lipgloss smile, because it will always be extremely frustrating and probably painful too that to him you never really measured up to the standards that the ex unintentionally set.

Aquarius: He will cheat on you

Aquarius men will often be cold and unemotional, and most likely to break your heart by cheating on you. They don’t do well with commitment, but if they are in a relationship it won’t last very long as he will probably get bored and move on quickly. Often he won’t even tell you that he has fallen out of the relationship, which almost hurts more than him just being honest. And if you try and explain how you feel it would just be pointless because an Aquarius man does not want to hear let alone deal with any of your emotions. And chances are, there won’t be any reconciliation because, in his mind, there is absolutely nothing to be fixed. An Aquarius man is notorious for being a player and what will hurt you the most is that they won’t even put your feelings into consideration. Of course, he may seem all charming, cute and sweet, and a total romantic, but remember that is all an act as he is a smooth player and a true scammer. The best you can do is move on because you will not get any sympathy from him.

Pisces: He refuses to take the time to work on your problems

A Pisces man will at first feel terrible for hurting you, which of course won’t ease the pain and sure won’t make you feel any better– but he is sincere. We all know that relationships take a lot of time and hard work, and unfortunately, to a Pisces man, he believes he has better things to do with his life and spare time instead of working on a relationship that may or may not last. Which of course, his indifference will make you feel ten times worse because in your mind you will feel like you wasted your time on him. He doesn’t want to work out your problems, therefore the first sign of issues and he is out of there! And once he breaks your heart, he will quickly turn all his focus on to other things, he isn’t dependent on you which means you really shouldn’t be dependent on him as after the break up his lack of caring will only hurt you even more.