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How Each Zodiac Sign Is Sabotaging Their Own Dating Game (His & Hers)


We’re all constantly wondering why we can’t find the perfect special someone to run into the sunset with. Whether it’s the universe ignoring our desires, bad luck, or not in our future any time soon, we’re totally giving up at this point. Yet, maybe it’s something we’re doing on our own that’s sabotaging our dating game.

It’s not fun to admit that it might be us who are causing problems in our own dating lives, but it’s literally the case. Our Zodiac sign showcases our fundamental characteristics that guide our thoughts and actions throughout life. Each Zodiac sign has their own specific act that they keep doing that is sabotaging them from finding their other half.

The first step to growing past this negative energy is to recognize the mistakes in us. We totally deserve to find that special someone, but it requires us to make some changes in our own lives in order to attract someone else.

With the months warming up, it’s up to us to begin our internal growth into the person we’re meant to become, ditching all of our traits stopping us from finding love. As we come to terms with our sabotaging tendencies ingrained within us, we will let loose all the things holding us back!

24. Aries Woman: You Don’t Stand Up For Yourself

While you’re one of the most independent women out there, sometimes you just don’t stand up for yourself when it really matters. You’re constantly finding yourself in situations with the guy you’re dating that you could never dream of falling into.

Most of the time, these situations are partly at fault due to you based on your personality. You’ve never been one to start a conflict with another person based on something you don’t like, causing you to be taken advantage of. In order to stop sabotaging your relationships, you have to stand up for yourself and speak your mind.

If you don’t like a certain act that the person you’re dating always does, bring it to light in order to work on it instead of trying to ignore it.

If you feel as if your partner is constantly disrespecting you, call them out on it. There’s no point in being in a terrible relationship where you’re constantly taken advantage of and you feel like you have no voice. That’s why the next time you find yourself in these situations, make sure you stand up for yourself and speak the truth. No one is going to be there for you if you aren’t there for yourself!

23. Aries Man: You’re Sometimes Caught In A Lie

We know you adore competition, but being on a date isn’t one. You’re so used to fighting for what you want that you’re fine with going to low levels in order to get what you desire. This causes you to sometimes lie to the girls you’re dating for numerous reasons.

Primarily, you’re trying to paint yourself as the ultimate dream guy. This causes you to act totally different and makeup things about yourself, hoping the person across from you will adore you. While there is a chance that your date will be attracted to this persona of yourself, it will totally go down in the long run. You yourself keep sabotaging all of your dates because the girl is able to see through them. This is totally not the right way to interact with someone you want to create a future with, as it will all eventually crumble down. If you’re that self-conscious about yourself that you can’t tell the truth about your life, then maybe dating isn’t in the cards for you right now. Instead, take some time and get to know you’re true self before trying to find your true love.

22. Taurus Woman: You Don’t Live In The Present

While planning for the future is one of the most important things to think about, you totally obsess over it. Your dates can always pick up the vibe that you’re constantly thinking into the future and figuring out how they’re going to fit into your life.

It’s pretty normal for your dates to feel like you’re always over analyzing them and trying to figure them out instead of having a good time. This is totally sabotaging your dating life as the person in front of you feels like they’re at an interrogation instead of living in the moment.

Stop making your boo feel like they’re at a job interview the next time you go out on a date, and more like a good time.

We totally understand your worry for the future, but try living in the moment. We can almost guarantee you that it won’t work out with the person you’re dating if you’re always consumed with every characteristic of them. Instead lie back, and just go with the flow. If it works out with this person then that’s awesome. If you see some red flags, then call it quits. See where your relationship with this person leads instead of trying to figure out the future in your head. Guys can totally sense this distant energy, which isn’t making the date any better.

21. Taurus Man: Your Friends Influence You Too Much

While we love getting another perspective from someone close to us about our projects, decisions, and overall life; maybe getting too much advice isn’t the right thing. Don’t get us wrong, your friends have been there for you through thick and thin and you totally respect their opinion.

Your friends know the type of person you are and are a great alternative perspective to have around, but they’re totally taking control of your life. At this point, you’re always following your friends advice on what to do in your love life and it just isn’t working.

The main reason why you shouldn’t listen to your friend’s advice so much is because they might not necessarily know all the details you’re talking about. They’re getting minimum information on what’s really going on. They don’t know the full story, and they also don’t fully understand how you feel. Your relationships are your own responsibility and it’s time that you take the time and truly figure out what you’re don’t wrong. Stop seeking endless advice from your friends and take the time to figure it out on your own if it’s working with your latest boo. Don’t follow someone else’s advice even if you truly believe they know best.

20. Gemini Woman: You’re Not In Tune With Yourself

At this point, you truly can’t expect to find the perfect someone if you aren’t even in tune with yourself. As cheesy as it is, you have to learn to love yourself before falling in love with someone else. If you don’t love yourself, all of your dates will totally take advantage of you, leading you into a toxic relationship.

Take some time to come to terms with yourself. Take a look at all of your strengths and flaws and learn to truly love them. If you still feel like you cant fully adore every flaw about you, then it’s ok. That means you have to take a tremendous amount of time and effort and working on all of your flaws to change. Both on the inside and out, you can create the person you truly want to become.

Understand that you are the most important person in your life and if you aren’t happy, then you can’t expect amazing things to happen to you.

Before falling in love with someone else, get to know yourself first. Take some time for yourself and do some self-care facials, read a book, and drink a hot cup of tea in order to truly pay tribute to the awesome person that you are. Once you start to release such a positive attitude, dates will just flock to you.

19. Gemini Man: You Don’t Speak Your Mind

You’re always on the move to find that special someone in your life. This causes you to always find yourself on endless dates with beautiful women, but for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to work out.

The reason why your love life isn’t exactly taking off as you’ve hoped is you self-sabotaging it. Your worst flaw while dating people is that you just don’t speak your mind. You bottle inside all of these negative emotions you come across with your date and don’t try to challenge them. Instead, you accept anything that they say and do to you for fear of losing this person.

Your actions and lack of words are actually causing all of the issues, as your dates become disinterested. They don’t feel as if they’re being challenged as you just keep quiet and follow whatever they say. Even simple questions they ask like ‘where do you want to eat?’ doesn’t get a response from you. From their point of view, your lack of opinions seems as if you just don’t really care what’s going on. It’s not like they know that you’re just too terrified to comment or else the date might turn out terribly that you say nothing. It’s time for you to make some personal changes and speak out your mind the next time your date wonders what bar you want to go.

18. Cancer Woman: You Like To Wear A Mask

Similarly to an Aries man, you’re constantly wearing a mask and this leads you to sometimes lie to your dates. Every time you go out, you throw on this mask of a different persona you think people will be attracted to. This totally derives from your internal fear that you’re not good enough, causing you to act like someone you’re not.

That’s why we’re here to tell you that you’re totally off! You’re such an awesome girl that deserves to find someone special. But, if you keep acting like someone you’re not, its just never going to happen. Instead, take this mask off and show your real personality to the world. If you seem to find yourself in a situation where your date just isn’t that into you, let them go and seek out the next guy. You don’t deserve to be with someone who isn’t completely obsessed with you.

However, you will never find the right person for you if you keep hiding your real character.

In the long run, as you can already tell, all of your relationships just won’t work out as your partner figures out who you really are. That’s why it’s your job to come to the truth with yourself and showcase it to the rest of the world.

17. Cancer Man: You Struggle To Respect The People You’re Dating

You’re so used to hearing that you’re meant to find the right person for you and spend the rest of your life with them. You have such high hopes and expectations of your future wife that you just can’t seem to find her. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t trying.

You always find yourself going on endless upon endless dates with nice girls. Yet, it never works out as they feel like you don’t respect them enough to proceed. While you’re not that bummed out about not having your relationships work out with those girls, you’re sad that you still haven’t found the right one.

The reason why you don’t respect these women is because deep down in your heart you know their not the one within the first 5 minutes. Instead of leading these girls on and making it seem like you’re just another player, decrease the number of dates you go on. Only go on dates with girls you can really see yourself being with in the future in order to have a higher chance of having them work out. The perfect girl is totally out there for you, just stop trying to find her and instead pursue a selected group of girls you’re crazy about.

16. Leo Woman: You Expect Too Much From Your Date

As young women, we’ve totally been playing up this notion in our head that one day we’ll meet our prince charming and he will be exactly what we’re looking for. From endless romance movies, we still totally believe this. While some of us have thankfully grown out of this notion in our head, you’re still convinced that you will find the perfect guy for you that will have all of the right qualities.

We totally respect you having standards. However, you really need to stop expecting all of your dates to greet you with endless roses, send you love letters or book expensive helicopter rides for the first date. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll eventually get to experience those things, we totally can tell you it won’t happen on a first date.

Stop having these over the top date ideas built up in your head, as you’ll only get disappointed when you find out that it’s another dinner and a movie.

If you truly are so obsessed with these awesome date ideas, then do them yourself! There’s no rule that girls can’t create such extravagant dates! Show your date how much you like them by planning such awesome activities to do together and to overall get to know each other.

15. Leo Man: You Might Not Be Ready For A Serious Relationship

You’re totally thinking that at this point in your life it’s time to settle down and truly get to know someone to spend your future with. While this is usually the more traditional route, this is totally something that you desire to obtain and we don’t blame you.

But, while you’re out searching for your special someone, you seem to notice that it’s not working out. It’s not that the universe is against you, but instead that you’re sabotaging your own relationships. Deep within you know that you’re just not ready to be in a serious relationship with someone. It just so happens to not be working out in your love life, and it’s ok. There’s no rule that you should have already found a special someone, as you’re just not ready yet.

Instead, focus on yourself and having a great time. Stop stressing over finding the perfect girl and live your life. We can almost promise you that while you focus on yourself and take some time to figure out your passions again, you’ll eventually meet the right girl. If you feel like she’s right in front of your eyes, then start dating again!

14. Virgo Woman: You’re Analyzing Your Date Too Much

While we know you have high standards and expect nothing less from the men you date, you have to chill out. Your date can feel your eyes on him like a hawk studying the way words come out of his mouth to figure out if everything he’s saying is a lie or not. We can almost guarantee you that you’re ruining your date by always doing this and stressing out the person across from you.

We all don’t want to be hurt or lied to, but we have to sometimes take the chance getting to know someone. There’s no point in trying to figure out exactly what the other person is saying, and instead live in the moment and see how it goes!

There’s a high chance that the person in front of you is great, and if you take the time to truly get to know them, you’ll figure this out on your own.

Most importantly, live in the moment on your dates in order to get an awesome experience and get to know the person. You deserve endless love and will receive it when you give the respect to your date that he deserves. No one wants to be analyzed during a date, and instead, everyone wants to live in the moment and have a good time!

13. Virgo Man: Your Options Get In Your Way

You’re totally known for loving to have a good time and as a total ladies man. For some reason, women always flock to you! Your guy friends always make fun of you for having to juggle a ton of girls around but they totally envy you.

While many believe that having many women adore you would be an awesome thing, it’s stopping you from finding the right girl. You find yourself on a ton of dates, but for some reason, they never work out. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that it’s actually your fault for agreeing to go on so many dates. You obviously assume that the more dates you go on the more you increase your chances of finding your dream girl, but it isn’t working out in your case.

You constantly have to juggle a ton of dates and have way too many options to choose from. The constant analysis of different women is starting to take a toll on you. You’re always weighing out their strengths and weaknesses and comparing them to other women whom you are dating. This not only is a bad way to find the right person for you, but you’re essentially weighing out which girl is better. This is not the right way to find the special someone you’ve been looking for. You will just know when you’ve found the right one so your current method just isn’t working.

12. Libra Woman: You Think All Your Dates Will Be As Bad As The Last One

Like many of us, you’ve been hurt in the past and are so over it. You don’t want to spend another month crying over a guy and eating ice cream while you watch romance movies wondering why you can’t find the right man for you. This is an exhausting process and has totally caused some trust issues for you.

Now, every time you’re on a date you’re hesitant to put yourself on the table in fear that the other person will hurt you.

This totally ruins the date as the person across from you is wondering why you’re holding yourself back and if you really like them. Your past romantic trauma is actually holding you back from finding someone incredibly deserving of you.

You’re going to have to let yourself loose and showcase yourself to your partner in order to figure out if the two of you can work together. We can’t guarantee that you won’t end up with another heartbreak. But, we can guarantee that this is the only way to find another lover. As scary as it is, you have to trust the person you’re dating and show off your true self for them to see. If they aren’t obsessed with you, it’s their loss. It just means you’re one step closer to finding your true match!

11. Libra Man: Your Perspective On Relationships Isn’t Great

Whether it was your parent’s relationship or those you saw in the media, your perspective on relationships is totally flawed. This mindset is standing in the way of you finding a woman you’re crazy about!

You have to forget every relationship you thought was ideal, as it’s not. Your notion of love isn’t what it’s meant to be and is a glamorized version of it. True love doesn’t always have endless flowers and happiness. Instead, it involves fighting at different times and getting into disagreements. If you truly care about the person, then you’re going to keep working at it in order to find true happiness.

The next time you find yourself on a date, forget about this perfect love story you have in your head and just see how the evening unfolds. Invest yourself in the conversation and getting to know the girl in front of you. If they don’t happen to possess all of the traits you’re absolutely obsessed with, that’s ok. Just keep working at it and see where the two of you end up going! It’s time for you to put yourself on the line and begin to experience a whole different love than what you’ve believed to be true love.

10. Scorpio Woman: You Want Everything Too Quickly

You sometimes feel like the men you date just run away from you, and it’s actually pretty accurate. You have these notions of romance in your head that causes you to scare off all of the men you date. You move incredibly quickly as you’ve just desired a perfect relationship for so long you just can’t wait to jump into things.

This is totally freaking out the people you’re dating as they don’t agree that meeting your parents on the second date and moving in by the third is such a great idea.

Instead, they might see you as crazy as you’re just moving along so quickly. No one more than us can understand your desire at finding true love, but you’re totally doing this wrong.

You have to take a step back and take it slow with the people you’re dating, don’t rush anything at all.

If you’re confused as to what’s going too fast, simply communicate with the other person and get their stand on where your relationship is. If you happen to find yourself with someone who moves as quickly as you used to, it most probably means they’re desperate. We can all agree that you don’t want to be that girl, and instead should work at finding the right person for you!

9. Scorpio Man: You’re Too Scared To Give Anyone A Chance

All of the dates you’ve been on just haven’t been going your way. And every time you ask the person you were dating why they don’t feel the same, you always get the same response. They always tell you that they just don’t feel like you’re totally invested in them and aren’t opening up truly.

To be honest, they’re completely right. After being heartbroken from that one particular girl, you just haven’t been able to open up to anyone fully again. This is by far taking an extreme impact on your dating life as it just never works out. While we understand that you need time to truly feel like you can trust someone again, it’s absolutely necessary in order for you to find a special someone in your life.

You have to give love a chance and decide that you’re going to open up and show your true self. That’s exactly what the other person is looking for, and will for sure fall in love with you in a heartbeat. You’re a great catch; so show the world how awesome you are! If you still don’t feel fully comfortable with the next person you’re dating, just let them know you want to take it slow. This is much better than having them think you’re just not into them.

8. Sagittarius Woman: You Don’t Share Enough Of Your Life

While you’re the perfect bachelorette and have guys lined up for you, you’re not giving them your true self. It seems as if you can be distant at times and aren’t willing to show your true colors for the world to see. While your dating life seems to be going okay, it’s not exactly perfect.

The men that you date are always saying that it just seems as if they’re not getting to know the whole you. While it’s not like you’re wearing a mask every time you’re talking to them, you’re not exactly revealing your real life.

There’s a big chance that the reason you’re not revealing your true life with the person you’re dating is because you aren’t exactly proud of it.

You don’t think that it’s that glamorous or exciting, causing you to hide it from others. The person you’re dating might not think that you’re actual life doesn’t exactly live up to your fun bubbly personality.

You feel as if you’re living a double life where you’re creating this awesome version of yourself to your dates, but it’s not true. Instead, you live a pretty average life and aren’t jetting away to exotic destinations or running a company. Even though you don’t exactly have those fabulous things in your life, you’re way more than average. You have awesome people around you who absolutely adore you! You’re also so in tune with your passions and are always working hard to achieve them. If this isn’t more than amazing, we don’t know what is.

7. Sagittarius Man: You’re Not Willing To Put In The Effort

At this point, it feels as if it’s just a hassle to keeping dating. It’s just not working out and you feel as if there’s no point to it. But actually, you’re the one sabotaging all of these relationships.

You’re just not fully interested in the people you’re dating, which are causing the whole experience to feel more like a job. You aren’t head over heels for these girls, causing you to just not want to put in the effort. We don’t even blame you! There’s no point in making it work with people when you don’t even care if it does.

Most of all, this is totally fine! There’s no one forcing you to fall in love with a girl and create a love story if you don’t want to. Instead, you have to stop dating for a while and live your best life! This way, you’ll be able to come across your dream girl instead of always looking for her. She will be so attracted to your fun and confident personality! If she’s the right girl for you, just make sure to put in the effort when you start dating. We feel as if we don’t even have to tell you that since you’ll be so obsessed with her it only feels right to put in the effort.

6. Capricorn Woman: You’re Way Too Serious

We understand that you’re ready to settle down in a serious relationship with someone who loves and respects you. That’s totally the end goal for everyone and is what we’re working towards!

Even though we all desire this, you’re coming off a little too strong on your dates. This might come as a total shock to you but you have to take it slow when you’re getting to know someone.

Your date almost feels like he has to tell you how many kids he wants, the color of your future bedroom, and what breed dog you guys will be planning on getting.

That is totally not what the two of you are meant to be talking about on your first date while still getting to know each other!

While it’s awesome how invested you are in the other person, you still haven’t even gotten to know them! You have to take it slow and stop being so serious the whole time. Let loose and have a little fun by living in the moment. Every date does not have to be so robotic and should unfold naturally. While we can’t tell you when you’re meeting Mr. Right, we can tell you that this method will have him the away from you.

5. Capricorn Man: You Go Way Over The Top

While we adore your dedication to all of your dates, you totally invest too much energy into them! We know, we know. You always hear about how girls want to be swept away by their perfect Prince Charming showcasing his love to them. It’s totally true in every girl’s dream.

However, you should take it slow and save all of those awesome moments for when the two of you start getting serious with one another and you know there’s a strong future. Your next tinder date does not need to be greeted with two-dozen red roses and a box of chocolates. However, on your fourth date when it’s starting to get serious, that would be a great gesture!

Don’t let girls take advantage of you on the first date as they start getting used to this awesome pampering and attention. Instead, save it for when you fully fall in love with a girl and you’re desperate to showcase your love for her. That would totally be a much better way to show to her you’re endless appreciation and respect! She will feel like Cinderella while you’re her Prince Charming that she’s always dreamed about! That’s why our best advice is to save this awesome attention for when it gets serious!

4. Aquarius Woman: You’re Not Willing To Try Something New

One of the main things that a man is looking for while on the dating scene is a girl who is willing to have a good time! You yourself know that your last dates haven’t been working out so well, making it no surprise that it’s time for you to switch it up and try new things.

We can’t recommend more that it’s time for you to let out your adventurous side and learn to have a good time. You’re totally going to have endless dates flock to you, as your energy is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Everyone loves to have a good time and this energy is what everyone needs in your life!

Take some time and get to know your true adventurous side by perusing some fun activates you never thought you would be doing!

Whether it’s trying a new activity, traveling somewhere exotic, or switching up your appearance, have a good time! This will totally show your date that you’re free-spirited and are willing to have a good time wherever the both of you end up! Let yourself go and have a blast, you’ll be surprised who you’ll come across along the way of doing what makes you happy!

3. Aquarius Man: Your Looking For A Friend Rather Than A Lover

While all of your friends seem to be pairing up as couples, you feel like you should be too. That’s why you’ve been going on even more dates in hopes of finding your dream girl. More importantly, you can’t wait to find someone to not feel left out by all of your couple friends.

While most of us hope of finding our dream lover eventually, we never know when it’s supposed to happen. But, when everyone around us is starting to couple up, it feels like we’re meant to join them! That’s why you’ve been so consumed lately to find a girlfriend.

All of your friends have been pretty distant recently with their new partners, making you feel left out. Yet, the reason your own relationships don’t seem to be working out currently is because you’re not fully invested. You’re just following your friend’s footsteps and are looking for someone to spend time on. What you need instead are more friends to hang out with rather than a lover to spend the rest of your life with.

Don’t be pressured to get a girlfriend in order to be invited to double dates and couple activities. If your friends are in a love haze it will eventually pass and they will come running back!

2. Pisces Woman: You Let Your Past Dictate Your Future

Just because your past relationship unfolded in a particular way, doesn’t mean your current one has to too. The reason why all of your current dates don’t seem to be unfolding as you hoped, is because you have too many old expectations.

Stop trying to manipulate all of your current love interests into a past lover or ideal person.

Let your relationships with these people shine through as you get to know them on an individual basis. No two relationships are completely the same.

If you’re constantly not satisfied with the people you’re dating, it just probably means that they’re not the one. Stop trying to change them into the people you want, as that won’t succeed at all. Instead, move forward and focus on yourself! This way the universe will shift its course for you and you will be able to eventually find your dream person perfect for you.

If you’ve instead had a negative past, don’t stress over it. Trust the people you’re forming relationships with and communicate with them on how you feel. You have to get past your trust issues and get to know this new person as who they are truthfully! Most likely, they will be an awesome person to form a new bond with!

1. Pisces Man: You Tend To Think Everyone Is Out To Get You

We get it; you’ve had a rough past. So have we. But that hasn’t stopped us from putting ourselves out there and getting to know someone for the first time!

You have to get through anything holding you back and work towards achieving a new relationship with this special person you’ve met. Not everyone is out to get you as you may think. Not every girl is trying to manipulate you behind your back to get something out of you.

If you decide to not open up, then there is no way you will be able to develop a loving and trusting relationship with that special someone. Try to adopt a more open perspective towards the people you meet, whether lovers or just friends!

Your past is your past for a reason, it’s not coming back. However, if you keep dating in fear of being taken advantage of, that will exactly happen. Be the confident person your friends and family know you as and don’t be scared to jump into a new relationship to get to know someone! You deserve endless happiness and it will all depend on developing an open and trusting attitude. Nevertheless, it is trust that propels a relationship forward to achieve great success and happiness!