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Holding Hands With Your Partner More


1. It can relieve pain

Physical contact with another person causes the release of wellness hormones in the body, which can relieve pain. That’s why the mother hugs her when she scratches her knee. When your hand is wrapped in your partner, you will not feel better than this reassuring feeling. This can really improve your ability to cope with pain.

2. It reduces stress

Simply holding your partner’s hand also reduces your stress. The connection to hold your hand indicates to the brain that you share the task of paying attention to danger with another person so that your mind knows that it can relax you a little. Scientific studies have proven that keeping your loved one calmer and safer.

3. It lowers bold pressure

These well-being hormones that let go of the hand also help keep your blood pressure under control. They fight stress hormones, lower blood pressure and help your immune system function more efficiently.

4. It reduces fear

Holding your partner’s hand reduces fears and allows you to deal with situations that you may not be able to face alone. It’s that these good hormones are doing their job again. They create a feeling of well-being, even in frightening situations. That’s why people use another person in a crisis.

5. Holding hands is nice

Holding your hands can lower your blood pressure is good for your heart and makes the connection closer between you and your partner, but perhaps more important than anything, it’s just beautiful! With the gesture of the hand, we can say that I love you, above all others, without saying a word or feel embarrassed. It’s a public manifestation of affection that can not offend anyone, and it’s a great way to show your affection for each other.

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