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Everything You Need To Know About The Leo In Your Life


General Personality

Leos are radiant, creative forces that light up the Zodiac. They have their powerful energy under control. Those born under this sign symbolize the need of the ego, and its necessity in making the world a better place. Ambition, self confidence and power are the cornerstones of this sign, and they are almost always very well respected by their peers.

Leos have fully realized their expression through direct action. They are leaders, and they expect others to follow them without question. The great thing about a Leo, is that their ego does not harden them to others. They gain followers easily because they still have a warmth to them, and they are very sunny in nature. They are harmonized individuals who have a lot to teach those who will listen.

Leos are considered very mature, and self assured. They know exactly what they bring to the table and aren’t afraid of making their presence felt through grand gestures. However, despite their popularity, Leos hate pettiness and meanness, and often overlook those who engage in such immature antics. Leos are big hearted, and they give everything to their goals and what they are trying to achieve.

Leos are also extremely honorable, and will always stick to their word. They will pay off bets they have lost, and they will say no to advances that do not match up with their wants. Leos think about their opportunities, and don’t just take everything that is handed to them.

To a Leo, a lot of pride is found in where they live. They need to reside in a castle like environment where they can entertain and share their hospitality with others. They are loyal and faithful, and will defend someone until they are blue in the face. This fixed attitude can cause a lot of problems for the Leo, because they can be wrong sometimes and they often refuse to admit that.

How To Attract Them

A Leo will be instantly attracted to you if you bring attention to them. It will prove to them that you are mindful of them, and it will cater to their need to know that they are popular. A Leo always loves to be looked up to, so if you casually compliment them while in the middle of a conversation, or in front of a group of people, you will stroke their ego and find your way right into their heart.

How To Know If They Like You

In all honesty, a Leo will most likely just tell you that they are fond of you. Everyone will know that a Leo likes you because they do not back down from those they are interested in, and will declare their affection. They will play games and they will also get very touchy, so if a Leo keeps grabbing you, ticking you, or smiling at you from across the room — they are definitely fond of you. If a Leo really likes you, they will pay more attention to you with their eye contact, and they won’t break it. They will also talk to you differently than others, using a sweeter, smoother tone. They will always try to impress you — be sure not to see this as arrogance, because it is simply just nervous flirting.

How They Are In A Relationship

In a relationship, a Leo tends to be very passionate. Their fiery nature will heat things up with affection and adventure. They choose their mates based in their ability to be dominant in a relationship, so they will often be the leader out of the two partners. In a relationship, a Leo needs to be the center of attention, as he believes that he deserves to shine the brightest in any situation. Generous and giving, a Leo will create a wonderful life for the apple of their eye, but must always be nurtured because they do tend to get insecure from time to time.

Who They Would Be Most Compatible With

A Leo is idealistic, sometimes insecure and quite affectionate. They work best with someone who will love them during their good times and their bad times. They need someone who will appreciate their wins, and help them to navigate their losses. A Leo needs independence, but they also need security. A fun loving Sagittarius would be perfect for a Leo, because they would compliment the Lion’s need for adventure, while meeting their need for stimulation both emotionally and physically.

Their Ideal Date

A Leo loves having every eye on the them when they are in a room. Bring them to Karaoke and watch them get up on stage and put on a show for the world to see. A Leo will love to see you in the crowd, cheering them on, and taking in how fun they are.

How They Are In The Bedroom

Though Leo’s tend to be very dominant in the public eye, in the bedroom they are usually a mix between the two. Whatever their partner likes is what a Leo will dish out. They love to look into the eyes of the person they are sleeping with, and are very sensual in that sense as they take sex seriously. They adore having their back scratched, and they will more than likely bite your lip in the act.

How They Deal With Heartbreak

Just like a Lion, a Leo revels in their pride. Therefore, to have their heartbroken, rather than to break the heart of the person they were with, often hurts their ego. A Leo, however, will hide that bruised ego and they will hold their head up high — moving on in a very regal and poised manner. They will go searching for attention and affection, as a means of healing and recharging their ego.

How They Are As Friends

Having a Leo as a best friend is a lot of fun. They are generous and adored by so many people. They love having the spotlight on them, and are often considered bossy. However, a lot of people will turn a blind eye to how bossy the Leo is because they are so fun. They always know how to cheer people up, and everyone wants to keep the Lion around because of its good nature and its thrilling personality.

How To Gain Their Respect

To impress a Leo it is quite simple. Demand attention, be charming, and look them straight in the eye. They respect anyone who challenges them.

How They Are When They’re Mad

When mad, the Lion goes beyond anger and often fills with red hot rage. Their roar is louder than any other sign in the Zodiac, and they can often be found intensely shouting to feel better. They a crude, often resorting to using offensive language and blowing up on people who do not deserve it. However, they will never apologize when they are in the wrong, because their pride and their ego will never allow for them to do so.

How They Are When They’re Sad

When sad, Leo’s get very wound up. They fester in their emotions, and they build them up to the point where they unravel and have a nervous breakdown. They are extremely short tempered when sad, though they are also extremely needy. Those closest to them know how to help, though they are at risk for being hurt due to the Leo’s tendency to blow up when sad.

Simple Things That Make A Leo Happy

A Leo absolutely loves being around people. This makes them the happiest. They also really enjoy watching their favourite shows with someone they love.

At Their Best

At their best the courageous Leo is strong, and has an amazing, protective attitude towards their friends. They care very deeply for those close to them. The Leo is the bravest sign in the Zodiac, often doing whatever they are required to do despite being scared or in danger. They are thoughtful, kind, and generous, and this is why they are so well liked.

At Their Worst

At their worst, the Leo is overly excitable, and they hang around with the wrong people as is it hard to know who your real friends are when you have such a large group of people who want a piece of you. They are bad listeners, and they cannot apologize for being wrong when they are very clearly at fault.

What They Fear The Most

Though the Leo presents to the world this idea of a fearless leader, the Lion fears that it will be undervalued and underappreciated. The fear of being unnoticed runs very deep in the Leo, and their insecurity sometimes knocks them right off their feet.

Likely Occupations

A Leo is a natural born leader. They are fearless and independent and work best when they are in the spotlight. They admire jobs that bring them status and power, as they cannot work when they are boxed in and required to follow someone else’s lead. Due to their spontaneity, and their sheer charm, Leo’s would make amazing CEOs. They would also excel in real estate, design and politics.

Likely Health Concerns

Leo’s are ruled by the Sun, the center of everything. Therefore, Leo’s are prone to ailments that relate to their heart and their spine. A Leo must get a lot of exercise to combat the long work days they often put themselves through, and will need to learn how to recharge their spirit in order to avoid any medical problems.

Where To Take Them On Vacation

Leo’s always need to be in the center of the action. They want to be stimulated with good parties, and prospective adventures. They will thrive somewhere that is hip, and that has bars, and thrill seeking activities. Being able to drink and dance all night, and zip line during the day, will make a Leo feel like they aren’t compromising any facet of their personality or missing out on anything while traveling.

Their Learning Style

A Leo will learn best in a one on one environment. This will allow for them to show off their knowledge and bask in the teacher’s attention.

Their Kind Of Humour

A Leo will hook you with their humour, and they know it. They have the ability to take in everything around them, and serve funny jokes about those things seamlessly. They will use exaggeration to make people chuckle, and groups will often be found laughing loudly in their presence.

Their Favourite Pastime

Leos love to draw, watch funny TV shows, and they will never say no to doing something reckless or impossible.

What To Say To Motivate Your Leo

You hold within you this charisma that stops people in their tracks. You are charming, interesting, and captivate everyone around you. When you speak, people listen. When you walk into a room, everyone stares. You capture people. You will always get what you want, so don’t forget that this also applies to your dreams. Ask for what you need, and take it when it comes to you. Push doors open. Nothing can tie you down.

If A Leo Were…

A Starbucks Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte
A Colour: Gold
A Greek God: Apollo — God of music, arts, healing and the Sun
An Addiction: Shopping
An Alcoholic Beverage: Champagne
A Drug: Cocaine
In A High School Clique: Drama Club Kids
A City: Hollywood, California
A Harry Potter House: Gryffindor
An Untranslatable French Word: La douleur exquise — the pain of unrequited love
A Kiss: Heated
A Teen Movie: Clueless
A Clothing Item: Anything Sparkly
A Famous Landmark: Versailles
A Season: Summer

Source: thoughtcatalog.com