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Everything You Need To Know About The Cancer In Your Life


General Personality

Cancers are known to be domesticated beings. They represent deep feeling and protectiveness. Cancers are also associated with highly personal emotions, and dream like foundations. However, they often hide their depths in order to guard their hearts.

Cancers are protective and sensitive, yes, but they are also very aggressive and strong willed when it comes to getting what they want. They prefer to avoid making demands, and expect others to understand their needs, moods, and varying feelings.

Cancers really admire those they can create a tight knit, compassionate bond with. They crave deep and emotional friendship, and they dedicate themselves to sharing as much as they can with someone when they do find such a match. On the other hand, they find it difficult and hard to open up to those who do not personally understand them, and often won’t bother trying to befriend or court them.

Cancers are very unusual, but they are also extremely self aware. They know that they are different, and they know why. They love eating, sleeping, expressing themselves sexually and sympathizing, but it all must be done behind closed doors. They are private people, who need those things in very large doses in order to feel supported and nurtured. Without all of those things listed above, a Cancer will often succumb to feelings of nervousness and irritability.

How To Attract Them

To attract a Cancer, make sure that you smile at them. They absolutely adore genuine, kind grins and it will show them that you are approachable. By being open to the Cancer, you show them that you are caring, and this is a trait that is simply irresistible in their eyes.

How To Know If They Like You

A Cancer is very shy and very sweet when they like someone. Though they may not show it, you can always tell if a Cancer likes you by observing how their friends act around you. A Cancer will tell everyone they are close to about the apple of their eye, and their loyal friends will help to get you two together. If you catch a Cancer looking at you, they are probably contemplating how to approach you and how to interact with you, as everything about them is coy and cautious. Be open to them if you feel like getting to know them as well, for this cautiousness comes from a deeply insecure fear of rejection.

How They Are In A Relationship

A Cancer is unbelievably tender and gentle. They are kind souls that feel deeply and all too much. They are considered the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac, and they won’t hesitate to show that to their significant other. When committed, a Cancer will never second guess the person they are with, and they will pour oceans of love into them. They seek a mate who can understand them, so their relationships are often very emotional, intuitive partnerships that are devoted and life-long.

Who They Would Be Most Compatible With

The sensitive Cancer is nurturing, affectionate and dependant. They need someone who will cater to their homebody lifestyle, and they seek a mate who will be family to them. They want to adore someone, but they need that in return as well. Any imbalance and a Cancer will feel threatened and misunderstood. A Taurus would be best for a Cancer, for they both love to indulge and nest, while still being highly intuitive and deep.

Their Ideal Date

A Cancer loves to feel comfortable, and often goes out to familiar places when do venture into the public eye. An ideal date would be one that brings the Cancer somewhere they have already been — like their favourite restaurant. They will find the gesture thoughtful, and they will open up and really shine in the safe environment.

How They Are In The Bedroom

Cancers are known to be submissive in bed, allowing for their partners to fully explore their body and do whatever they please. However, a Cancer does love rough talk, and will harmonize the bedroom session with tender kisses, and gentle caresses. With a Cancer, you are getting the best of both worlds.

How They Deal With Heartbreak

Because they are often hurt, Cancers take a long time to open up and trust someone. Therefore, if they have their heartbroken by someone they genuinely thought they could confide in and love, they will take the breakup very badly. Cancers have a tendency to always look into their past, and they drive themselves crazy overanalyzing what went wrong and how they could have changed or prevented the outcome. It will always take a long time for Cancer to move on.

How They Are As Friends

If you are lucky enough to have a Cancer in your friend group, you know that they tend to be the protectors. They consider their friends to be their family, and they cherish every single moment with them. They hold every memory close to their heart, and they give everything they have to make their friendships strong. Cancers, however, believe that friendships are two way streets. Therefore, they need to see effort and appreciation on the other side of the fence as well, or else they will feel used and hurt.

How To Gain Their Respect

Cancers always respect those who have good reputations. They are impressed by people who prove that they can be trusted, and often appreciate those who are endearing.

How They Are When They’re Mad

When mad, a Cancer will start sulking loudly. If no one catches on to that, they will move on to passive manners, before turning to isolation. However, instead of leaving them alone when they go into isolation, in those moments a Cancer needs to know that they are noticed and cared for. If a friend does not express to them that they are appreciated, or if someone is mean to them during this period of time, they will start hysterically crying. They build their emotions up inside of them until they bubble over, causing every pent up feeling and sensitivity to result in waterworks.

How They Are When They’re Sad

When sad, a Cancer will again start to cry. They will isolate themselves and the separation will feel so severe it will actually manifest into stomach aches and headaches. Because a Cancer feels so much, being sad is difficult, but it comes very easy to them. They are very quick to break down.

Simple Things That Make A Cancer Happy

When a Cancer needs alone time, and they get it, they are extremely thrilled. They also love cuddling and being wrapped up in the arms of someone they care about.

At Their Best

At their best, a Cancer is a hard working, deeply sensitive person. They try to protect every heart they encounter, and really act like a nurturing force in so many lives. It is rare to find someone who cares as much as a Cancer, and it is their best attribute.

At Their Worst

At their worst, a Cancer tends to butt into matters that don’t really concern them. They can be very judgemental and guarded, while their need to protect themselves allows for them to come off in a “holier than thou” light.

What They Fear The Most

A Cancer deeply fears rejection. Due to having so many feelings, and due to being so emotionally sensitive, the Cancer has a large capacity to love. They fear never being able to find someone who can handle all of what they have to offer, and they fear putting their heart out there just to have it turned down.

Likely Occupations

As a nurturer, a Cancer would work best in an area of employment that caters to their sensitivity and compassion. They give amazing advice, and are very protective while still being responsible problem solvers. A Cancer would make an amazing social worker, a brilliant teacher and a very compassionate CEO.

Likely Health Concerns

Cancer is ruled by the gut and the stomach. Therefore, Cancers have to watch their extremely strong emotions, for they tend to cause acid reflux and fluid buildup in their guts. They suffer from stomach aches when upset as well. Cancers must focus on being calm, and truly just going with the flow of their emotions, rather than allowing for them to escalate into uncontrollable storms.

Where To Take Them On Vacation

Cancers are homebodies, so their ideal vacation often includes something comforting. This doesn’t mean that a Cancer can’t travel, however. A Cancer will always feel energized and safe around water, and a bed and breakfast (versus a large hotel) would make their vacation feel just like home.

Their Learning Style

A Cancer learns the best in an environment that nurtures it. Working from home would be an amazing way to gain knowledge for a Cancer, especially if it involved studying from bed.

Their Kind Of Humour

Often self-depreciating, a Cancer has an odd way of being funny. They tend to make fun of themselves in order to stay guarded, and can usually be found making silly facial expressions to get a quick laugh.

Their Favourite Pastime

Cancers thoroughly enjoy reading, fashion and cooking.

What To Say To Motivate Your Cancer

The way you feel your emotions is incredible. You are in touch with every facet of your heart and its sensitivity. Your ability to believe in others, and to trust that we all hold good within us, is beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you that your vulnerability is a bad thing. Don’t let your heart harden. Don’t let the world jade you. Keep feeling, keep having faith in others. The right people know that you are a rare gem in this world.

If A Cancer Were…

A Starbucks Drink: Hazelnut Chai

A Colour: Lilac

A Greek God: Eros — God of love and sex

An Addiction: Another Human Being

An Alcoholic Beverage: Margarita

A Drug: LSD

In A High School Clique: Poets / Loners

A City: Amsterdam, Holland

A Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff

An Untranslatable French Word: Flâner– wandering the streets of Paris with no goal, only to enjoy the beauty of the city

A Kiss: Gentle

A Teen Movie: Hairspray

A Clothing Item: A Fuzzy Sweater

A Famous Landmark: The Amazon River

A Season: Winter

Source: thoughtcatalog.com