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Dream catcher #1

You are a conservative, responsible and loyal person. You do not trust so easily, but you are ready to do something for your friends. You are not an impulsive person, think before you always talk. Never hurry to make important decisions. You are honest and open. You take your responsibility very seriously.

In general, you are a silent person, you rarely disguise yourself. You are compassionate and very sensitive to the needs of others. Although you are very kind and sociable, you certainly prefer the company of your best friends.

You like to help and feel useful, but the best lesson you need to learn is to love yourself, not to always put the needs of others first, but to think of yourself. You do not want to leave your comfort zone and rely on insurance.

Dream catcher #2

You have a very developed sense of justice, love to help others, encourage them, bring them comfort and hope, and make this world a better place. You have a lot of creative energy to release. Your people perceive you as a very friendly, kind and gentle person, who makes joy wherever you go.

You have a very pure soul and you want everyone around you to be happy. However, you sometimes have doubts about yourself and it is difficult for you to make decisions easily.

Dream catcher #3

You are a very warm, radiant, positive and happy person. You are friendly with everyone, you have a good heart and you do not like conflicts, but you can certainly defend yourself. You lack ambition and determination, but you like to respect the rules. You are not aggressive in the methods that lead you to achieve your goals.

You do not like loneliness. You like to have fun and are very sociable. You can encourage others and you are often the soul of the party. Many people admire you for that.

Dreamcatcher #4

You are a compassionate, compassionate and understanding person. You think of others before thinking of themselves. You want to feel useful, so many people use you and use your good intentions. You have a rich soul and a good heart, such insulting comments that you are seriously hurt, but you do not prove it because you are very proud of it.

Those who know you are attracted by your charm, your kindness and your energy continues. However, they are introverted and sometimes you seem rather shy, but when you relax, you can become the soul of your environment.

You like to be alone and creative. You have a very rich imagination and often dream of the future, which should have idealistic and pink tones that do not always correspond to reality.