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Cancer 2018 Horoscope


Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

Jupiter remains in your love sector to start 2018, and you can use his beneficial, expansive energy to bring more love into your love, share the love you feel, and be more affectionate. If single, you can enjoy playing the field and meeting lots of new suitors, and if in a relationship, you can work to bring the sparks back. This is especially the case to kick the year off with Mars also in this sector in January.

In October, Venus retrogrades (appears to move backward) in your love sector though, and you may experience issues with loved ones, feel less love for something or someone, or are desperate for attention. Mercury then retrogrades in this sector the first week of December, and you can experience communication issues with loved ones. Make sure you have extra patience during these retrogrades. They can be good for reconnecting with old flames.

Mars is in your relationship sector mid-March through mid-May, bringing more energy, drive, and focus to your relationships and the people in your life. Mars moves into your intimacy sector mid-May, making that more of a priority, but retrogrades in your intimacy sector late June through mid-August, and then in your relationship sector the second half of August. This can bring some struggles in a relationship, with someone in your life, and you may feel you’re being tested.

You may need to work on finding middle ground and coming together, and avoid giving in to petty arguments and being defensive. Mars is in your relationship sector to mid-September, and then in your intimacy sector to mid-November, so you’re spending a good chunk of 2018 focused on your relationships. This can be a great time to work on making them better, especially with Saturn and Pluto in your relationship sector all year. See where you can improve, where you can transform, and where you need to let go.

The solar eclipse February 15th occurs in your intimacy sector, and you can bring positive energy to your intimate relationships and work to open up more. The July 27th lunar eclipse occurs in this sector, and you can eliminate issues and work on letting go.

Cancer 2018 Career Horoscope

Uranus is at the end of his time in your career and goals sector, here to mid-May and back again in early November for one last go around. Uranus has brought some change energy to your professional life and goals, and that can start wrapping up now. This may be the time when you feel you need to make last-minute changes now, while you still have the chance, before the energy goes away. You can *really* feel that way when Mercury is retrograde in this sector late-March to mid-April, and you can be more antsy and want to push for something new fast. Try not to be impulsive and make changes just for the sake of change.

Jupiter enters your work sector in early November, and you can unlock more work opportunities and focus on work that you enjoy as the year comes to a close, and this may be prompted by Mercury retrograde in your work sector the second half of November making you have less patience for work you don’t enjoy. Mars is in your work sector late January to mid-March, so you can focus some more on work earlier in the year, and can be a lot more productive.

A lunar eclipse occurs January 31st in your money sector, and you can work to eliminate financial issues and see rewards for smart financial decisions and responsibility. A solar eclipse occurs August 11th in your money sector, and this can be a good time to focus on new financial opportunities, but with Mercury retrograde in your money sector late July to mid-August, you may want to focus on giving old money opportunities a try.

Cancer 2018 Home and Family Horoscope

Venus is retrograde in your home and family sector the first half of November, and you can struggle to have patience with your family, lack love for your family or home, and may want more of the attention, comfort, and support. Try to go easier on your family, and make improvements to your home. It can be a great time for redecorating, and you can spruce your place up. It can also be good for reconnecting with your family if you haven’t seen them in a long time.

If you have children, Jupiter is in the sector ruling children to early November, and you can work to improve your relationship with them, and enjoy more time with them. Mars is in this sector in January, and this is when you can give the most attention. But Venus is retrograde in this sector in October, and they may be unruly and difficult to manage, and Mercury retrogrades in this sector the first week of December, and communication may be difficult. Listen to them more.

Cancer 2018 Mental State Horoscope

Neptune remains all year in one of the sectors ruling your mind, helping you to have a more active imagination and fantasize more. You can benefit from travel, and this can open you up even more. Mars is in this sector mid-November to the end of the year, so you may want some more space for the holidays, and can focus on learning new things, going to school or starting a course, wanting to understand more about the world, or getting out and having new experiences for you to learn from and grow.

Cancer 2017 General Horoscope

A solar eclipse occurs in your sign on July 12th, and this can be a great time to focus on new beginnings, new opportunities, the possibilities, and what you want to get started with. You can embark on a new journey in life, and you can be excited and enthusiastic about what you’re working on. You can focus on your own wants and needs, and work on pursuing what you’re most passionate about, and have the courage to take the first step.

Uranus is in your friendship and dreams sector mid-May through early November, and this is the start of this transit which will last until 2026. This is the sector Uranus naturally rules, so you can be more at home with change, going outside of your comfort zone, being independent, meeting new people, expanding your social circle, and focusing on your dreams for your future.

Source: thedarkpixieastrology.com