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Aries 2018 Horoscope


Aries 2018 Love Horoscope

Jupiter remains in your intimacy sector until November, Aries, and you can explore the intimacy in your relationships, working to expand the intimacy you have, and forge stronger emotional bonds with the people you care about. You may have less patience for the people in your life that you don’t feel an emotional connection to, and can focus more on the people who really matter to you. Mars starts the year in this sector along with Jupiter, and you may find you have extra energy and drive to focus on and pursue close intimate relationships. It can also be a good time to focus on the sexual chemistry in your relationship, if attached.

If single, you may want someone you feel a strong connection to, and you feel a strong sexual attraction to. Venus retrogrades (appears to move backward) in this sector in October, so you may have some struggles at the end of Jupiter tour in this sector with Venus retrograde, and may want to feel even closer but end up feeling further apart, are extra clingy or have to deal with someone who is, or need to work on intimacy issues and blocks. Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backward) in this sector for the first week of December, after Jupiter has exited, so there may be a brief issue in an intimate relationship, or you may see the return of an old lover.

Venus doesn’t fully retrograde in your intimacy sector though; she also retrogrades in your relationship sector the first half of November, and you may need to focus on relationship issues, deal with problems in a relationship, or walk away from someone. You may not be as open to commitment, or struggle to keep the peace in your relationships. Be patient with your loved ones and make sure you’re giving yourself the attention you need because it may be easy to focus too much on others.

Your love sector also gets some attention with a lunar eclipse on January 31st, and you can grow closer with someone, share the love you feel, and feel inspired by love. A solar eclipse occurs in your love sector August 11th, but Mercury retrogrades in this sector late July through mid August, so the eclipse occurs during the retrograde. The eclipse can help you focus on manifesting the retrograde in more positive ways, so you can reconnect with loved ones or old flames, get in touch with your heart, and rekindle flames.

Aries 2018 Career Horoscope

Pluto remains in your career sector all year, and he’s got company now with Saturn at the start of a tour in this sector as well. This brings great energy to your career, your goals, your life path, and your direction, and now may be the time to bring great focus, discipline, and hard work toward what you want in life. Pluto and Saturn can force you to work harder than you ever thought you could, and you may feel like giving up at various points, but keep going. If you believe in it and it’s good for you and your life, keep going. Saturn and Pluto offer great rewards to the people who keep going. Mars joins the two in your career sector mid-March through mid-May, bringing more energy and drive for you to focus on this.

But Mars partially retrogrades in this sector as well, during the second half of August, so midyear may bring about some setbacks, delays, and blocks. This may be the time of the year where you have to reconsider your plans and path, and take a different course to achieve what you want. Maintain discipline, focus, and do the right thing through it all, otherwise you can experience problems that hold you back permanently. Mars remains in your career sector to about mid-September after the retrograde ends, and you get a couple of weeks to focus on getting on the right track, tweaking your plans, and making progress. The coupling on Pluto and Saturn in your career sector can signal you’re in a 2-3 year period where you can achieve great heights. Make sure you don’t fall.

Uranus enters a new sign in 2018, and so he begins a tour in a new sector for you, your money sector. This can bring about changes in your financial life, and you can start earning money in new ways, or make money in a Uranus fashion – with technology, in a way that helps others or the planet, within a group, by commission, or in spurts. Uranus is in your money sector mid-May until early November, so get ready.

Aries 2018 Home and Family Horoscope

The January 31st lunar eclipse occurs in the sector ruling your children, so if you have any children, you can see something come to an end for them, or they may be extra emotional. Try not to take any extra rebellion to heart. Mercury retrogrades in this sector late July through mid-August with a solar eclipse in this sector during it on August 11th, and your kids can do something over again, you can reconnect with them, and give them more of your attention, which may be something they need. Have fun with them, make some fun memories, and let loose a little.

A solar eclipse occurs in your home and family sector on July 12th, and this can be a good eclipse for starting new home improvement projects, moving, redecorating, renovating, or remodeling, spending more time with your family, planning a family gathering, or working on your connection with the people you view as family. You can be more nurturing and supportive, and you can feel better emotionally when you’re with your family or the people you think of as family, or at home or in the places you feel most comfortable.

Aries 2018 Mental State Horoscope

Jupiter in Scorpio until November stays in a more serious sector for you, and you can find it easier to deal with issues that you hold deep inside of yourself, or that you feel are very serious or that require some sort of transformation. This serious focus can be more prominent the month of January with Mars also in Scorpio, Venus retrograde in Scorpio for October, and with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio the first week of December. This can be a good year for digging deep inside of yourself and doing some hard work on your inner self.

Jupiter enters a happy sector when he goes into Sagittarius in November, and you can have a much more positive, uplifted outlook. You can focus on expanding your mind in new ways and gaining a better understanding of how the world works. With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius early on during the first half of November, you may think about going back to school, re-learning something, or traveling somewhere again to expand your mind. Let your mind open and curious.

Neptune remains in the sector ruling your subconscious mind all year, and Mars is in this sector Mid-November through December, so you may end the year digging into your subconscious mind, addressing subconscious issues, motivations, and desires, or working on issues from the past that you need to let go of and move on from. You can tend to subconscious needs, and develop a stronger connection to your subconscious mind.

Aries 2018 General Horoscope

Uranus has been in your sign since 2010, but he starts to exit in 2018, starting his tour of Taurus mid-May through early November. These years have likely brought a lot of changes in your life or of yourself, and that can begin to slow down. Those of you Aries born after April 14th will still experience Uranus on your Sun in 2018, so you’ve still got the strong dose of change energy in your life, and you can work at making changes. Just make sure you do your homework and are smart about the changes you do make. If you were born before April 14th, you’ve already experience Uranus on your Sun, so the energy isn’t as strong for you now, and you can focus on slowing changes down and taking more time to implement them.

As Uranus is ending his tour of your sign, asteroid Chiron, ruler of our wounds, starts his tour in your sign mid-April through September. As you wind down from the change energy of Uranus, you can now focus more on trying to tend to old wounds, heal, and grow. You can start to find power in your ability to heal, and this can help you to become more focused.

Your ruler retrogrades in 2018, Mars, late June through late August. Whenever your ruler retrogrades, you can feel off in a subtle way, so you may be feeling quite a bit off midyear. Your temper can be shorter, and you may have a harder time with patience or compromise. Mercury is also retrograde in your sign late March through mid-April, which can also be a period where you feel off, but it may be more obvious, and you have to work on doing things over again or working on resolving old problems. Those of you born April 4th – 7th may feel the start of the retrograde most, and those of you born March 23rd – 26th may feel the end of the retrograde most.

You may get a little focus on your dreams this year with a solar eclipse February 15th and lunar eclipse July 27th in Aquarius, and you can focus on a new dream early in the year and see culminations with the solar eclipse. Mars retrogrades partially in Aquarius though, late June through mid-August, so you may need to make some adjustments before you can make any big progress.

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