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5 Signs He Is In Love With You, Even if He Doesn’t Say it To You


1. He will make sacrifices for you

It isn’t hard to make sacrifices for a person that we care about. It takes love, maturity, and selflessness. Every relationship must be a balance of two people who are willing to make sacrifices for the other no matter what.

A man who is in love with you will never want you to be unhappy. They are uncomfortable with the thought of their woman being sad, so they will do everything that they can to prevent this from happening. They know that what they do means a lot to their partner, and they are not afraid to do it.

2. He listens to what you have to say

Women are actually much better listeners than men are, according to numerous studies on the subject. So when you find a man who actively listens to you and responds to what you are saying, a skill that is known as active listening, you have found someone who really loves you. If he actually remembers and acts on the conversations you have, even better.

3. He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable around you

Men generally hate showing others their weaknesses. They often feel as though they have to look and act strong all of the time. But men who are truly in love won’t be afraid to let down their guard. They generally become more and more comfortable around you and allow their real feelings to shine through. Being vulnerable can take some time but if he really loves you, it will happen.

4. It’s okay to have bad days around him

Everyone wants to look their best in the beginning. But after we spend more and more time with someone, our need to impress the other usually declines. We are allowed to show up with no makeup and messed up hair.

Men who really love you will not care if you aren’t all dolled up. They will tell you that they love you even on your worst days. When he tells you that you are beautiful with no makeup on and in rumpled pajama pants, then you know he is really the one for you.

5. He is always proud of you

A man will always brag about the woman that he loves. He isn’t shy about telling the world how proud he is of you. It doesn’t matter what it is- maybe you are excellent at your job, or you are a wonderful mother and girlfriend. When he tells you that he is proud of you, this means that he loves you.