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15 Things Only A True Gemini Can Relate To


It’s Gemini season, Y’all. Get ready for tons of communication thrown your way. And get ready to have a ton of fun. The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini is the first air sign. Because this is a mutable sign, it makes it much more difficult to tie down people with this sign. Gemini’s have a knack for communicating and expressing how they feel, who they are, and what they want to do or not do. No other sign knows how to express themselves like Gemini’s do. Whether verbal or non-verbal, communicating is one of the many talents of Gemini’s are skilled at.

Johnny Deep, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur, Andre 300, Kanye West, Angelina Jolie, North West, Ice Cube, Prince, Mary-Kate Olsen, Bob Dylan, Che Guevara, Russell Brand, and Lenny Kravitz are all famous Gemini’s. Do you feel drawn to any of them? If you are, it’s because you recognize yourself in them. This is probably a side of you that not many know about. Gemini’s are notorious for having two personalities, and there is no denying that this is fact. Gemini’s are just as sweet as they are cruel. They will change their feelings and thoughts often due to their mutable nature because they are more in touch with their yin and yang aspects than most other zodiac signs. You’ll likely find a Gemini surrounded by a lot of people and they will be very energetic, bubbly, and even charismatic. They have a knack for displaying their thought patterns overtly. This means they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, too. Often times, Gemini’s are very light on their feet, spritely even, and will have faerie features, like a button or slim nose, sparkling eyes, and a pouty or rosebud lip. They will have strong arms and shoulders and will be talented with their hands in some way, shape, or form. Hands will often time be manicured or adorned with rings and they will favor sleeveless tops like halters or corsets. Want to know more about Gemini’s? Whether you are a Gemini or love a Gemini, get to know some truths about the third sign of the zodiac.

15. Communication is key

You, dear Gemini, are ruled by Mercury, and you know what that means, don’t you? Don’t you? Ok, well if you don’t it means you’re all about communication. Mercury is the planet that influences us to use our intellect. And one indicator that you use your brains pretty well is how well you communicate with others. Whether through word, song, writing, or any other form of communication, think non-verbal, i.e. corporeal, Mercury has got it covered. Many Gemini’s are writers, reporters, journalists, rappers, singers and songwriters, composers, and translators. Never do you feel more at home than when the communication flows between you and another human being, or with you and the universe. No other one communicates better (except maybe Virgo who is also ruled by Mercury). Be sure to keep the lines of communication open to living at optimum levels, Gemini.

14. Being two-faced is tough

While the symbol for Gemini is the infamous twins, what they really represent is not two people, but a duality that exists within themselves. This duality exists within all of us, but more so in Gemini. Gemini, you have a tendency to flip the script very quickly and can be a friend one minute and an enemy the next. It’s not because you’re a bipolar mess or even a bad person. On the contrary, it’s just your nature. Your duality is openly expressed, whereas other signs might repress such dichotomous inclinations. You’re not afraid to explore those two sides of yourself, and that has both advantages as much as disadvantages. People might not be cool with your two-faced ways, but those that accept you for who you are deserve some love, and you should definitely keep them close. It’s hard maintaining such duality, but it’s the nature of the beast that is Gemini. Roll with it, explore it, and don’t be afraid of it. Your ability to explore the light and dark sides of yourself is commendable. Kudos.


13. Flirtatiousness galore

When someone says Gemini, the first thing that comes to mind is your expressiveness. The second is how flirtatious y’all are. No one is more flirtatious than a Gemini. No other sign comes close to the coyness of Gemini and this bodes well for you when you need to get the job done. You use your flirtatious skills to get what you want. And, boy oh boy, do you get what you want just by flashing a cute smile and a bit of your gorgeous eyelashes. Flirting comes naturally to you, Gemini. So much so that often times people will confuse your flirtation with genuine interest. But that’s not the case. You just flirt with everybody all the damn time. Gemini, don’t get mad or be confused when people show interest in you because you exude that flirtatious vibe overtly. Other signs won’t get that you’re just being you, just being cute and spunky and oh so Gemini.

12. Mountaintop retreats

Yes, Gemini you enjoy being in the mountains. But why do you crave the outdoors so much? Gemini, your love for traveling has so much to do with the fact that you’re an air sign. You crave crisp clean air, natural countryside, or beaches. The purer the air, the better. So when you do get the chance to explore, breathe deeply and don’t forget to meditate outdoors, too. You tend to think clearer and better outdoors. And you like to ascend to high places. Gemini, you’re the sign who is likely to climb some of the world’s most famous mountains. You’re not one for staying on the ground if there’s a mountain or tree to climb. You’re naturally drawn to go up, to ascend, to float, to rise, and to fly. Anyway, take advantage of any outdoor excursions and revel in the moment and say a mantra or two to get the nervous system in tiptop shape.

11. Get lost in thought

While Y’all are communicative and coquettish, Y’all are also equally contemplative. Air is the thinking element and as a Gemini, you do a lot of thinking – maybe too much. You get lost in that head of yours, as do other air signs like Libra and Aquarius. Thinking is what you do all the time, even when you’re supposed to be relaxing or sleeping. You might suffer from insomnia or have a tough time switching off your brain. If this is the case, Gemini, try meditation. Meditation will seriously work wonders for your nervous energy and overworked brain. You’ll need lots of deep breathing, too, will help keep you stable and settle your mind, body, and soul. You are one ball of nervous energy and fast-paced thinking. All of that needs to be toned down once in a while, otherwise, you are highly likely to burn out, fry your nerve endings, and get sick. Take care of yourself and turn off your brain once in a while. Not every waking second has to be spent thinking, Gemini.

10. Hugs and more hugs, please

You’re not necessarily a touchy-feely person, per se, or even very affectionate, but you do like to give and receive hugs. You feel a real energy surge through you when you hug and the harder the hug, the harder you’re feeling the person. It’s no surprise that you will hug almost anyone, even strangers, and even do so upon the first meeting. The longer the hug lingers means the stronger you feel for the person. And if you’re booed up, hugs are your primary way to communicate, although you don’t have a problem verbalizing your feelings either. In a relationship, you relish holding your partner. You’re usually the one who initiates the cuddling rather than being cuddled. Hugging for you is more than just two humans embracing, it is a way to relay emotions. You take hugging very seriously, Gemini, and no one gives a better hug than you do.

9. All tactile activities

Gemini’s are good with their hands. This can manifest in certain ways. One, you are likely to be good at some sort of craft, whether it’s sewing, gardening, cooking, braiding hair, building, massage, or any other tactile activity. If the activity calls for your hands, Gemini will be attracted to it and will excel at it. This will feel like smoke to air, you are that drawn to tactile endeavors, it’s even written in the stars and planets that you will make this gift a career. Perhaps you like making jewelry, baking, or applying make-up.u Somehow, some way, you’ll find out how to make those passions into something you do for a living. You’re also into sports or games that involve using your hands and arms. Some sports that you will enjoy include handball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, and even yoga. There’s a chance you’d be good at video games and board games (like chess) because these sorts of activities involve the mind, arms, and hands.

8. Be still, twinkling eyes

No one’s eyes twinkle like a Gemini’s. There is just something about your eyes, Gemini that captures our attention and keeps our gaze on you for a bit longer than usual. Your eyes pop – no joke, they seriously pop. And it’s not because they are large or even beautifully shaped, although that could be the case. The reason your eyes pop is because of what’s behind them. You have a twinkle in your eye because you have a joy for life. In your case, your eyes are truly the windows to your soul, and the world sees how full of life you are. It’s pretty easy to spot a Gemini, too, because they will be quick to flash a flirty look in an overt, obvious, and even a bit exaggerated way. You know what I’m talking about here, Gemini. You know that thing you do with your eyes. Truth be told, it works and you know this. It’s no wonder that’s why it’s your go-to tactic for getting what and who you want. Rarely does the twinkle fail a desirous Gemini. Am I right, Gemini, or am I right?

7. Talk to strangers? Sure, why not

You know you talk to strangers and you know that sometimes this gets you in trouble, Gemini. However, sometimes it works in your favor since it leads to making connections that last a lifetime (or connections that benefit you in major ways). Gemini, you love to talk, so much so that you will chat up with anyone, anywhere. You are the one who starts up a conversation in the grocery store line, at the bus stop, at the park – there is no shame in being talkative. It’s just your curiosity that gets you chitchatting away. Plus, you have a bit of nervous energy that you need to get rid of, so the talking helps alleviate this for you. But you don’t go too deep. You’re not one to ask super personal questions or even deep ones. You like to keep it light and free, fun, and casual. The minute the conversation takes a philosophical route, you’re likely to bounce. In any case, Gemini, keep talking to strangers because you make the world a nicer place. But be very cautious because not every stranger deserves to be talked to. You’ve got to be more cautious with who you speak with. If you have the need to talk, then just talk to yourself. Gemini’s, you’re also one of the few signs that are comfortable with conversing with yourself at home or in public without much shame. You’d talk to a rock if it’d talk back.

6. Feeling super mutable

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, your dual nature makes you flip the switch easily. Sorry to say, but you’re capable of exhibiting one person with one group and turn a one-eighty with another. This does not make you a fraud. Rather it makes you adaptable and able to see things from various points of view. However, this adaptability may appear fake to others. And, sad to say, it can be that way, too, depending on what your intentions are. You transform not because you’re not sure of who you are, although that could be the case, but rather because you are so easily influenced by others that you naturally shift into another persona. Basically, you’re a shape shifter. You have your airy nature to thank, as well as Mercury’s influence, for your mutable status. All in all, it looks like it’s impossible for you to be the same, constant, or even grounded all the time. Yet, it wouldn’t hurt to be around some earth signs to help teach you some of those lessons before you get so lost in all your multiple personas that you just float away into the clouds.

5. Space cadet in the city

What makes you so flighty, Gemini is all that air in your head. You are prone to be a space cadet and many people will mistake you for being uninterested, dumb, or not all there. Why are you so spacey, Gemini? Because as an air sign, it’s hard to contain you. Remember, you are a thinking sign, and that means you think about many different things within a short span of time or within a matter of seconds or even all at once. Being mutable makes you even more difficult to grasp because you tend to be up in the clouds, daydreaming, and visualizing. You are actually quite good at converting your daydreams into reality. If you have earth signs in your natal chart (or are surrounded by earth signs), you will be able to conjure those images even faster. But whenever you are in this mood, sometimes it might look like you’re not even there when people talk to you. Plus, you have a tendency to doodle a lot, like in meetings or during classes. People will not see this as a positive attribute, rather they will think you need to be more present and focused. But little do they know you are actually in the moment, listening, and absorbing, just in your own way. Another reason you’re distracted is that you’ve got your mind focused on other things that are more important to you.

4. Fun, fun, fun

No one enjoys a social gathering like you do, Gemini. Ok, maybe a fire sign could compete, but you are the one sign that’s not a fire sign that knows how to get down. You are all about fun – whether it’s taking a last minute trip, hopping on a bike, heading towards a trail up in the mountains, or even enjoying a house party where there will be plenty of strangers for you to talk to. You live for fun. And any event that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you’d want nothing to do with it. There won’t even be a moment of hesitation, you’d put your foot down and say, “Nope, not for me, sorry.” Trying new things will appeal to you, too. After all, what’s the point of life without a little spontaneity and variety? And if the activity involves socializing, expressing yourself, or being hands on, you’ll be ready to roll in a matter of seconds. It’s likely that you will be the one friend who organizes fun outings or adventures, which might make many confuse you for a fire sign. But being a mutable air sign, you don’t like to sit still for too long. You’re a real mover and shaker, Gemini. And like the air, you’re as free as can be.

3. Having two souls ain’t easy

Oh, dear Gemini, sometimes carrying the burden of the twin souls is too much for you. At times, you’ll feel conflicted and even fraudulent. People might judge you harshly or you might be misunderstood more often than you’d like. You have two spirits within one body, and trying to explain that to other zodiac signs, who aren’t woo-woo, might feel like a lot of wasted effort. Some just won’t get it and will chalk up your two-sided nature as something negative. But they don’t see the big picture and they don’t understand that you accept your lightness as much as you accept your darkness. Let those people fall by the wayside, Gemini, and keep ascending high, high into the sky. It’s got to be tough having such a character, but it’s your cross to bear. With all the challenges of life, there are real lessons that guide us in being our best possible selves. So, then, Gemini, what’s the lesson for you? Why do you think you were born a Gemini and how can you use your dual soul to benefit you, others, and the world around you? Think about that and make use of it.

2. Flexibility at its finest

Gemini, you are mutable sign, which means you move so freely through this world it’s almost like your feet don’t even touch the ground and you know how to operate space and time, which means you’re flexible. Apply this flexibility to your physical and thought process. You will be open to new ideas and new ways of living. You’re not one to be boxed in or caged because, after all, who can even trap air. You enjoy exploring, meeting people from other countries, and learning new languages. You could even say that you have an adaptable mind and tongue. As for your physical prowess, you are also quite light on your feet that gravity has got nothing on you. You will be able to bend and twist parts of your body that normal people wouldn’t be able to. Some of you might even be double jointed. In a perfect world, you might be a circus acrobat, twirling high above the crowd, or a contortionist, amazing people with your ability to defy muscular tension.

1. Convincing or maybe manipulative

You are a bit tricky, Gemini. Let’s keep it real. This has a lot to do with your twin nature and also Mercury’s influence on you. When it comes to getting what you want, if your charms or your style of communication don’t work, you’ll figure out another way. But the chances are, you’ll talk or flirt your way in and out of situations as easily as a bird takes to flight. You have a way with words, which is influenced by the ruler of the third house in a natal chart, and as a result, you are adept with communication. Perhaps you’d be wise to take up investigative journalism or a position in politics because you truly excel at expressing yourself, but also manipulating words in your favor or for a particular reason. Some might call this manipulation and others might call it skill. Whatever you call it, Gemini, you’ve got it. You’re able to talk the scales of a fish, feathers of a bird, and stripes of a tiger. You are a crafter of words and an innovator in self-expression.