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15 Reasons Why A Scorpio Is Guaranteed To Break Your Heart


Is there a more complicated sign on the Zodiac than the misunderstood Scorpio? There’s a reason their reputation precedes who they really are, but what happens if you find yourself in love with one? Is there anything more terrifying than being in love with someone who is bound to break you heart? Against your better judgment, you might find yourself entangled in a passionate affair with a sign that shatters more hearts than heals them. You could find yourself wondering why you’ve heard such unflattering things about who a Scorpio is; they’re beautiful, exhilarating, wild, what could go wrong? You’re destined for nothing but tragedy if a Scorpio has stolen your heart, but there’s a million ways they might tear it in two. Here are 15 reasons why a Scorpio is guaranteed to break your heart, and this article might just do it for them.

15. They’re Too Attractive

It’s not always the type of beauty that can be captured on camera. It’s the way they move, the way their lips pucker, the blush they get when they’re excited. It’s how their voice sounds in the evening when you’re in bed with them, or how they begin to glow after taking that first sip of coffee in the morning. It makes your heart ache how beautiful a Scorpio is, and the beauty only grows the more you begin to understand them – which is no easy task. If you’re fortunate enough to be with a Scorpio long enough to truly understand who they are, you’ll wake up every morning and feel your heart break, because they’re so attractive it’s difficult to believe. Unfortunately, for most, you’ll feel your heart crumble when a Scorpio walks away from you forever, because they’re one of the most challenging signs of the Zodiac to be with.

14. Their Secretive Heart Scares You

What are they keeping from you? Coming to terms with that you’ll never truly know everything about a Scorpio is frustrating if you’re in love with one. You’ll begin to notice how they carefully deflect specific questions, or avoid you at certain times in the day. You’ll ask, but you’ll soon realize it’s futile to bother. A Scorpio will never completely trust anyone, and there’s nothing they hate more than sharing their secrets with those they don’t trust. They’re often left with their truths entirely to themselves, and they like it that way. Unfortunately, that’s often incredibly unhealthy for a relationship, and it makes it impossible for you to trust them completely as well. It’s the beginning of a vicious cycle that spells doom for your heart. It scares you what you don’t know about them, but your relationship might just depend on if you’re more afraid of losing them.

13. Their Possessive Personality Is Worse

They love to play games, and they’re competitive about it too. Who has the most control over who? The rules are clear; your Scorpio lover owns you, you’re their possession, and if you try to get away, you lose. It might be the most terrifying part about them. They want all of you at all times, they don’t want you near anyone else. They want every second of your time, every ounce of your attention, and they want to know everything about you. They cut your friends out of your life, they alienate you from your family, they make themselves the number one priority in your life before you even realize what’s happening. There might not be anything worse than a Scorpio’s possessiveness, and it’s often what damages relationships beyond repair. If you try and shake lose from their grip, you might hurt them too much to ever heal what’s broken.

12. Their Dark Side Will Take Over

A Scorpio is full of hidden secrets, kept deep within their heart that they’re unwilling to reveal to even those they love the most. They don’t keep these parts of them locked up without a price, however. The very darkest parts of who they are will begin to emerge – the longer you’re with them, the more you’ll notice. You won’t think much of it at first; a quiet mood, an unexpected snap, long periods of solitude. What happens when it turns into jealous arguments, suspicious questioning, and distrustful tears? Eventually, a Scorpio’s dark side will take over a relationship. Their complicated hearts have often been damaged because they’re so misunderstood, but they’re not the type to be open about their pain. Instead, it comes out in ways that ultimately hurt you. Being with a Scorpio is difficult for many reasons, but this might be the most heartbreaking of them all.

11. They’re Aggressively Dominant

Utterly brave, passionate, and stubborn, you’ll find yourself consumed if you’re in love with a Scorpio. Even though they’re a water sign, they make you feel like their love is setting you on fire over and over again, and you can’t get enough of it. You’ll soon realize this is because they’re some of the most aggressively dominant people on the planet, and while it’s exhilarating at first, it won’t be long before it breaks your heart. It begins to feel like they’re trying to control you. Then, you start losing your sense of self, but you feel trapped in your relationship with them; they’ve ensnared you in the chains of their dominance, and it’s tricky to get untangled. It might make love in the bedroom the best it’s ever been for you, but every other facet of your life will be controlled by a Scorpio if you choose to be with one, and often that’s too much for most.

10. They Won’t Deal With Your BS

Yeah, they’re not going to put up with any sort of BS, so just quit while you’re ahead. If you try to say goodnight at 6pm because they’re not texting you back, they’ll answer with “sleep well”, and ignore you until tomorrow morning. If you try and make them jealous because they’re not giving you enough attention, they’ll beat you at your own game and have ten potential dates lined up in an hour. If you’re insecure and in a relationship with a Scorpio, you’re screwed. They won’t put up with lies, fibs, or excuses either, so be straight with them and make them a priority, otherwise they’ll make your life miserable. You have to look yourself in the mirror and really be aware of who you are and your flaws, because if you don’t, a Scorpio will point them out and exploit them until you have an identity crisis. They’re not putting up with anything that wastes their time, period.

9. They Don’t Know How To Lose

If you’ve ever won a fight in your life, that’ll come to a halt real quick. If you’re in love with a Scorpio, you’ll frequently find yourself tongue tied and confused about what point you were even trying to make. “Are you secretly a lawyer?” is something you might ask a Scorpio mid fight, because they’re so damn hard to bicker with. They twist your words around until you feel like you’re an idiot, even if you were right the entire time. Once a Scorpio believes they’re unequivocally right, you might as well agree with them, unless you want to spend all night sounding stupid because you can never win an argument. The truth is, it’s the Scorpio that can never lose, because they don’t know how to. They’re both headstrong and smart, which is a bad combination for anyone that disagrees with them. It might start out as good humored frustration, but one day you might snap, and it’s all because they don’t know how to lose.

8. You’ll Constantly Be Intimidated

Their beauty, confidence, and intelligence will never go away. Whenever you look at your Scorpio lover, you’ll always have that sensation that they’re too good for you. You know you’re lucky to be with them, and the problem is, they know it too. Scorpio’s have some of the biggest personalities of all the Zodiac, and that means constantly being intimidated by every facet of who they are. It isn’t always easy to feel comfortable in your Scorpio relationship, and unless you’re able to overcome the beast that is their personality, they’ll consume you until your heart is in tiny little pieces. Whether it’s how attractive they are, or how terrifying they are when they fly into a rage, you’ll feel yourself shrinking in their presence on a daily basis. For most, it’s too overwhelming, and you’ll feel your heart tear in two the day you realize a Scorpio is just too much for you.

7. They Don’t Care About What You Think

They dance to their own beat, and if you don’t like it, then you can leave. They’ll never change for anybody, and this is one of their most unique and beautiful qualities – but it isn’t good news for your heart. While others might be motivated by their loved ones feelings and thoughts, that isn’t a guarantee for a Scorpio. If you don’t like where they’re going in life, they won’t invite you along, because they’re fully aware that you can be replaced. They don’t doubt their ability to find love, because their unbridled confidence is almost deadly; they know there will be someone out there for them that accepts them as they are. If that isn’t you, they don’t really care. It can be frightening when a Scorpio changes, because the person you once knew and loved could be disappearing, and they don’t want to hear about how you’re unhappy about it. This is what often ends relationships with a Scorpio.

6. They’re Vindictive To A Fault

A Scorpio will never have a nice thing to say about an ex. You might not think much of it to begin with, but you’ll spy a trend before long. You’ll get into a fight, and they’ll try and hurt you instead of mending the situation. You’ll watch them destroy relationships with friends and family, and it might be warranted, but you’ll begin to wonder why they’re just so damn… vindictive. If they feel like you’ve wronged them, they won’t stop until they make it even. An eye for an eye is their motto, even if it’s not a very becoming quality. Often they end up making themselves the bad guy, and if you encourage them not to stoop to other people’s level, they might just turn around and bite back at you. It’s nearly impossible to understand a Scorpio unless you are one, and loving one might make you feel like you have a constant case of whiplash.

5. They’re Totally Mistrustful

You won’t notice it at first. They wait until you’re caught in their web. The “where are you?” texts will become more frequent. The “who are you with?” messages won’t just be innocent curiosity. They’ll bait you, trying to fish a lie out of thin air. A Scorpio is born mistrustful, and it’s a trait they’ll never shake. It helps if you’re open and honest from the start, but even the healthiest and most faithful relationships can’t save a Scorpio from themselves. It will drive you mental, because you won’t understand what you’ve done to warrant such behavior. It will consume your every day and night, because you can’t go anywhere without them interrogating you. You love them, you don’t want them to worry… but this is out of your control. Their inability to trust will ruin your relationship and break your heart. Building trust with a Scorpio will be as challenging as taking a trip to the moon.

4. They’ll Use You

How sure are you that a Scorpio is with you for the right reasons? Do they love you for you, or is their an ulterior motive? Don’t date a Scorpio, because they’ll break your heart in a million ways, and one million and one will be because they’ll use you. You might not be the only lover in their life, they might be using you to make someone else jealous. They’re talented at manipulation, but who they’re manipulating might be a question you’ll never discover the answer to. If you have something they want, they’ll be all over you, reaping the benefits of what loving you can give them. It’s toxic, but it’s who they are. The most unbearable part is you’ll never know if that’s why they’re with you. You’ll begin to learn who they are as a person, and it will make you wonder, were they using me? Have they ever used me? Will they?

3. Forgiving and Forgetting Is A Foreign Language To Them

If you make one mistake, it will be burnt into their brain forever. They don’t know how to forgive or forget; some days they’ll bring up your past indiscretions and yell and cry about it, and you’ll be left shocked because you thought it was ancient history. Nope, it’s never forgotten. Forgiven? Never, because they’ll watch you out of the corner of your eye consistently, waiting for you to screw up again so they can jump on you for it. Are they looking for faults in you? They might be, and while they’re not known for being insecure, that doesn’t mean their poor qualities don’t melt together to create their own uncertainties of you. You might feel like you’re always walking on glass if you’re in love with a Scorpio, because you could make the slightest wrong move and you’ll never hear the end of it. They make you regret your mistakes.

2. They’re Prone To Violence

One of a Scorpio’s most profound and dangerous flaws is their violent tendencies. Not all Scorpio’s are plagued with this curse to lash out physically, but how do you know if one is or not? It isn’t easy to know, because the chances are, your Scorpio partner wasn’t even aware they had it in themselves to do such a thing. It’s a trait that lingers in the shadow of their personality, often dormant until something extreme triggers it. Their dramatic jealousy issues don’t help them keep it together either, because it can easily send them into a frenzy. The bottom line is, it could be beyond risky to fall in love with a Scorpio, because in a blind rage, they won’t always have your best interests at heart. A fight with a Scorpio is unlike arguing with any other sign, and you have to be prepared for the type of person you’re in love with. What if they break more than your heart?

1. They’ll Never Want You Forever

On the surface, a Scorpio may tell you that they crave deep, emotional connections that will withstand the test of time. This isn’t entirely incorrect, but their words could be laden with lies. Venus rules both Scorpio’s and the house of secrets and affairs, which means the planetary influences that define a Scorpio will destroy a long term relationship. They’re easily tempted, and if they sense a spark stronger than the one you have, it won’t be long before they cheat on you. They crave fire, but with all relationships, that heat can fade over time. They’ll start looking for that sort of intense connection somewhere else as the years go on. It’s inevitable that they’ll break your heart, so why bother setting yourself up for failure? Your Scorpio partner might be able to look you in the eyes now and promise eternity, but that promise will lose its power as the long, tedious years of a lengthy commitment put a toll on their fickle hearts.