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15 Life Rules Only A Gemini Would Truly Understand


If there is one zodiac sign that screams “opposing forces” that would definitely be Gemini. Because of the #twinning thing, Geminis tend to be conflicted sometimes and have two sides. Since the Gemini symbol is that of twins, they are pretty complicated and can confuse a lot of people. Sounds exhausting, right? This is why most Geminis are known for having rules when it comes to life and these things help them live in a happier way. They’re definitely amazing people. They’re smart, kind, and sweet people and you would want to hang out with them for sure. The best part? Geminis are happy to share their life rules with other people. That means you, too. Which is lucky since you’re going to love these rules. They will bring you some peace and clarity. Here are 15 life rules that only Geminis would truly understand (but if you’re not a Gemini, you will love them, too).

15. Communication Is Important

As mentioned, Geminis tend to have a lot of opinions. Now imagine having lots of issues and scenarios happening each day (at work, school, home, on a date). Think about all the opinions Geminis would have about those things. Their brains literally never get tired. But this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s much better to have opinions on a lot of different things instead of being super stubborn about one thing. How do Geminis deal with the fact that they never stop thinking? In order to lessen the tension between them and their friends, Geminis are known as really good communicators. They know that it’s important to be open and transparent and honest about your opinions, so people would take you seriously, and would be open and honest with you as well. This is something that you can definitely learn from them.

14. Choose Your Friends Carefully

Because Geminis are very sensitive, they tend to find it difficult to have good friends who understand them. Most of them want friends who last long, through thick and thin, through good times and bad. You get it. They want true friendships. This is why they have made it a rule and a motto to choose friends well. Geminis have the attitude of a social butterfly, and because of this kind of attitude, it seems like people judge them on a regular basis. Yes, that totally sucks. They can’t really get used to that. But all you can do if this is your zodiac sign is choose your friends wisely. This will make sure that you have people who can defend you when you’re tired of defending yourself. And you will have people around who truly get you and know who you are, and that will be something that will make you super happy.

13. Being A People Pleaser Isn’t Cute

Thanks to their yin-yang attitude, this sign also has the tendency to become people pleasers. You know, the kind of person who will do almost anything even if she’s not 100% comfortable with it just so she can please others. If you know someone like that, chances are, she’s a Gemini. And take note, Geminis are not people pleasers because they want to fit in. They can easily fit in. They just end up channeling some portion of their energy into pleasing others in the hope that others will understand them more. Because Geminis can be a bit confusing. Well, friends, being a people pleaser is not cute. Don’t do it. Love yourself and just be good with that. True friends will come your way. And best of all, you won’t exhaust yourself trying to make everybody happy, because you definitely know that sucks.

12. Being A Gossip Queen Is The Worst

Being a gossip queen is also not cute. In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Geminis are Gossip Queens. Some of them try everything they can to avoid this but because of the stars and the planets and all that astrology stuff, this zodiac sign easily falls into the trap of gossiping about something minor and petty. Something that isn’t even worthy of conversation. But you realize through experience that gossiping isn’t going to help you. First of all, it will get you into trouble. Not everyone loves when you gossip. Some of them will fight back. Secondly, you will tire yourself out talking about other people whose lives are more awesome than yours. And finally, gossiping will ruin your self-esteem because you would end up being jealous what with others have. See what we mean? It’s not cute, people. Learn from the Geminis.

11. Life Can Suck Sometimes

Gemini is a sun sign, but life is not all about sunshine. Geminis learned that a long time ago. They often learn it during their childhood. Geminis tend to have a super positive outlook when it comes to life. Even as kids, they are the ones bringing positive energy absolutely everything that they go. They believe that life is all good. Unfortunately, though, it’s not. Bad things happen for a reason and more often than not, they happen to teach us a lesson. Other zodiac signs remember this easily, but Geminis are a little bit stubborn when it comes to this point. This is why Geminis need to remember this: that sometimes, life sucks and can be negative and that’s actually okay. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as people say. This might be tough for you if this is your zodiac sign, but with some practice, you will become more used to the idea.

10. It’s Okay To Relax

As mentioned, the twins tend to have very moody auras 24/7. They feel okay about things right now but after a few minutes, they would gossip about almost anything and their friends would have a hard time grasping why. That’s how fast their moods change. Geminis are great friends. It’s really just a matter of understanding why this person is the way that she is and how you can handle the bad side of her. After all, we all have bad sides. For Geminis, experience has taught them that when they notice they’re being too moody than they usually are, then they need to sit down and chill out for a while. If this is you, it’s totally pointless to kick yourself about this. This is within you and there’s really nothing you can do to erase it. Learn how to manage it instead. Knowing how to deal with your emotions and moods is the key.

9. There Is Beauty In Being Calm

Geminis love to talk. That is a fact. Actually, they rarely stop talking. They are intelligent people which is why they also love to know the opinions of others. They love to hear from you and they’re always willing to listen and exchange ideas with friends, relatives, and even strangers. And there is certainly nothing wrong with this. However, there is a need of control. Yes people, while communicating with others it great, you also need to take control of it and shut your mouth sometimes. Enough with the conversations. Geminis take time to learn this but once they discover that there is beauty in calmness and silence, they will embrace it. And they will move through this world trying to balance the chatter and the calm. And that is what they want you to learn as well. It’s really just about understanding the pros and cons of both chatter and calm and understanding that calmness is beautiful too.

8. Socializing Is The New Networking

Geminis absolutely love socializing. They are social butterflies and they know how to be the star in every room that they are in, even if they’re newbies. In fact, they don’t care if they’re the new girl in town. They find it easy to embrace new crowds and new spaces. That’s why networking becomes a lot easier for them compared to other zodiac signs. But if you think they network like other people, think again. For most Geminis, socializing is the new networking. When they need to network, they know where to go to find the kind of people they need to find and they know how to blend in. This is a must in life, especially in the society that we live in today. Goodbye networking conferences where people just talk and exchange business cards. Geminis have found a much better way to do things and it works for them.

7. You Need To Make Your Ideas Happen

Geminis are masters of socializing and networking and their tireless brains love to generate ideas. Once they have the people and the idea, the actual “work to make that idea a reality” part becomes a really huge challenge for them. So it’s important to learn that having ideas is one thing and implementing them is another. And if you know that you’re not good at implementing ideas, you have to be honest with yourself, girl. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, admitting that you suck at making ideas happen is much better than pretending to be busy but really doing nothing. You’re not really putting in the work and you’re selling yourself short. You’re also going to be pretty miserable. Because at the end of the day, you will be judged not by your bright ideas but by how you put those ideas into action.

6. You Can Always Find Adventure

How many times have you heard this? Or at least something like it? How many times have you thought about adventures and experiences and how many times have you wondered “What is really out there?” We’re guessing it’s a lot of times. But this is not enough. You have to listen to your Gemini friend when she says adventure is always out there. Why? Because she’s right. And you won’t experience the best in life unless you are willing to go out there and find your own personal adventures. Geminis are not only social butterflies, people. They’re also travelers. They’re Adventurers. They can’t stay in one place for a long time and that’s not really a bad thing., especially if you can take your work with you. Just imagine how many trips you can take in a year. And if you have a travel buddy already, then really, you’re all set. All you need is the courage to go. And, okay, some money.

5. You Should Build Your Tribe

Because Geminis can be both hot and cold at the same time, they often find themselves alone in many battles. We’re not saying they have crappy attitudes, we’re just saying their attitude makes it a little harder to build strong friendships. It makes it a little harder to build their own tribe. So make sure that if this is your zodiac sign, you need to create amazing bonds with real and genuine people. Build your own gal group that is not only composed of amazing people but also understanding and open-minded ones. This is going to help you to grow. Believe it or not, true friends will help you maneuver through an ever-complicated world. Stop wasting time hanging out with people who don’t really trust you or who only like you because you’re pretty or because you have money. Go for the ones who truly care.

4. You Do You

If you are a Gemini, then that means that you have a curious mind, and that means that you have a lot of ideas all the time. You are also willing to go out there and chase what you are curious about, which is really great. People often complain that Geminis are too outgoing and too obsessed when it comes to chasing their dreams and bright ideas. If you are a Gemini, then you need to remember the whole “you do you” thing. You shouldn’t be around people who drag you down and question your choices and think that they are the boss of you. Unfortunately, you’re going to be like a magnet for these toxic and negative people. You have to remember that you have bright ideas for a reason and that you should spend your time chasing those big plans. You should make your own rules and then break them. Remember that your life is yours and what you do is up to you. You won’t be happy unless you do that.

3. Embrace Your Inner Child

You are super clever and smart if you’re a Gemini but you often forget how magical it can be to be innocent. They forget that simplicity also has its advantages and that we always have the inner child inside of us, we just forget about that as we get older. This unique way of looking at life is always super awesome and precious. Geminis want to remind you that innocence is important and that you are responsible for reminding yourself of this fact. You are responsible for making yourself remember what’s it’s like to be a kid and that life is amazing when everything seems simple and colorful. There’s nothing wrong with being mature. After all, we all need maturity in our lives. But at the same time, know that balancing maturity with the precious innocence and simplicity of a child can go a long way. This rule doesn’t only apply to Geminis, of course.

2. You Love To Flirt

Back to the being a social butterfly thing. More often than not, Geminis absolutely love flirting. It’s not really that bad since we’re all open-minded here and heck, let’s allow them to do their thing. But seriously, flirting can go really right or it can go really wrong. Sure, flirting and being the loud and happy person that you are can help you gain more friends and it can even bring you the love of your life and your dream guy. Hello, romance. But then again, if you cannot control it, chances are it’s also the one characteristic that’s going to ruin your relationship. And if you’re really unlucky, it will ruin your friendship with lots of people. So no, flirting is not the be-all end-all solution to a happy life. It can make your life better and, well, hotter, but it can also turn things upside down. So this is something to watch if you’re a Gemini.

1. You Can’t Fake Passion

This rule is something that you should always keep in mind. You should never, ever try to fake passion because if there’s one thing that you know as a Gemini, it’s that passion has to be real and genuine. Don’t try because people will notice and they just won’t believe anything that you say anymore. They will think that you’re a fake person in general and you definitely don’t want that. Live a simple, honest, transparent life and everything will be fine. Besides, why would you even want to fake passion in the first place? If you want to show off by being “passionate about helping others”, sometimes the reality is that you’re a selfish jerk. So that’s not a good idea. Instead of being a crappy person, just be your true self. That shouldn’t actually be all that difficult. And if you’re a Gemini, then it’s really not. So go ahead. Just be yourself.