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15 Dogs Who Just Want To Say “Good Morning! I Love You!”


Our pups know no greater love than that between them and their hoomans, so it should come as no surprise that these 15 pups want to see your face first thing upon waking up. They may wake you up earlier than you anticipated, but they just came to say “Good Morning! I love you!”

1. “Hello, I am here. Don’t worry, Ma.”

2. “Did you know I’m fluffy every day of the week?!”

3. “I dream of you, and only you, my dearest hooman.”


5. “We just wanted to say you look so fresh this morning.”

6. “I finally learned to smile like you wanted me to for Instagram!”

7. “Look, you’re still my number one, but this toy is a close second.”

8. “I already brushed my teeth, Daddy, seeeeeeee?”

9. “There is nothing better in this life than your beautiful face.”

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10. “A belly rub first thing in the morning would be DOPE, thanks for asking.”

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11. “I already got dressed, now it’s your turn!”

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12. “Yeah, I woke up like this. I always wake up like this.”

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13. “Have you met bed? Bed is so good to me.”

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14. “Oh hello, you want to pet me? Well, I must oblige.”

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15. “Just five more minutes…”Source: Imgur

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